Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Years everyone!  Sorry I couldn't get to a new page preview today (too much "end of year" stuff going on). Thanks for all your support this past year!  I cannot put so much time and effort into "grOw" without it!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 17 completed!

Yes — the penultimate page of issue#1 for the new grOw/cOmic (#6: "Milking the Plot") has been completed! The holidays have slowed me a bit in completing this page (spending time with family on Thursday and Friday for Christmas). Just one more page to go (plus 2 covers)!  

Unfortunately, it won't be finished in 2014, but should be done just a few days into 2015. In a historical sense, this is actually more appropriate.  By year, 2015 is the 10th anniversary of the first grOw/cOmic ("Milk Farm"), of which, this series can be considered a sequel. "Milk Farm" was released at the end of July 2005 after 5 years in the making. (Yes, from the first pencil drawing to the last ink and paint of page 51 took 5 years!)

Enjoy the preview!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 16 complete!

I was able to complete page 16 of grOw/cOmic#6 just in time for Christmas Eve dinner. This page turned out to be more complicated that I had thought it would be, with some character overlap and interaction, figure "sculpting", and other details. Overall, it's a great page for BE.  :-)  Enjoy!

Monday, December 22, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 15 complete!

Another day, another page! We're getting closer to the end of issue#1 of the series, which will be 18 pages. Only 3 more pages to go, plus 2 covers (cover for issue#1 and #2, the later being the preview for the next issue at the end). I want to release this before the end of the month. However, with the upcoming holidays, and the typical "real life" work that comes up at this time of year, I will be hard-pressed to pull off this release timing. But, if I do miss the end of the month, it will only be by a few days, so you won't have to worry about a long delay.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 14 completed!

Well, I am back in the saddle, and have completed the next page of issue 1 of grOw/cOmic#6 — page 14. There was quite a bit of detail on this page, but, as you can see in the preview, it was worth the time. Things are getting quite interesting on this page as we approach the end of the issue. Speaking of end of the issue, there are only 4 more pages to go (and 2 covers)! Hang in there!

Monday, December 15, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 13 completed!

I am really bring the midnight oil on this issue. I worked on page 13 today with the full intention of completing it in one day. Well, I did. I started it this morning, and just completed it — at 10:30pm. Whew. Yawn. I will beginning page 14 tomorrow, but will have to put some focus on some "RL" items over the next 2 days, so a new preview may not be available until Thursday.

Friday, December 12, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 12 complete!

I was finally able to finish page 12 of the next grOw/cOmic before the weekend. I had really hoped to do more this week, but a combination of detailed pages (which took more time) as well as some "real life" work that reared its head (typical for this time of year), slowed me down some.

This page represents the two-thirds mark!  Only 6 more pages to go (plus 2 covers)! Hang in there! Unfortunately, my initial goal of December 22 as a release date will probably not be achievable, but I am still going to try to get it done before the end of the month. Cross your fingers!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 11 completed!

Another many-character page, page 11 has just been completed!  Only 7 pages to go in issue#1!  (Well, plus 2 covers — one for issue #1 and one for issue #2, which appears at the end as a sneak preview). Not a lot to write on this one (I'll let the image do all the talking), so it's on to page 12!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 10 completed!

Having completed page 9 yesterday early, I was able to get a great start on page 10, which, in turn, allowed me to complete it in just one day after releasing the last preview. 

The great thing about doing comics digitally is the ability to change layouts easily without having to redraw a page. After looking at the original pencil drawing, I can decide to change the layout slightly, enlarging the figures in some, moving figures within a frame in another, as well as adjusting the frames themselves. This was one of those pages (I had also taken the time to "adjust" 4 other pages that I have yet to ink and paint.) I like the new layouts so much more. I take time to review each page's layout as a whole after everything is drawn. This allows me to make these adjustments for better flow or impact that is not always apparent when I am drawing each panel individually. And sometimes, after a few days, I may no longer like a layout exactly as it was, and can then make some adjustments to bring it to a higher level.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 9 completed!

We're now at the halfway mark with the completion of page 9 for the new grOw/cOmic#6, "Milking the Plot"! I worked late last night to get this page finished, but was so tired at the end that I didn't have the strength to post it online (plus I had to run and make sure I didn't miss the next-to-last-ever episode of "Sons of Anarchy"!).

Nine pages to go, plus the cover to issue#1 (which is still undecided).

Saturday, November 29, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 8 completed!

Better late than never. I actually finished this up yesterday, but forgot to post.  Took a day off to celebrate the U.S. holiday Thanksgiving with family, but got right back to work on Friday. Another detailed page, this one took the bulk of two days to finish. I also took the time to "fine tune" a few items: adjusted the new word balloon style I am using in this series; and reworking the layout of four upcoming pages. Some were too crowded (7 panels) after following a sparse page of only (3 panels). Sometimes, both these layouts work, depending on the action. But this time, they didn't. I reworked the pages so that 1 panel was moved to the sparse page (making it 4), and the other had an extra one combined with another (leaving 5, including the 1 moved). In addition, I resized some of the action, making it larger. I love Photoshop for giving me the ability to do this, without having to redraw the page.

Enjoy the preview! Things are starting to take off now!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 7 completed

I just completed page 7 of issue 1, which was another page of a great amount of details — characters, faces, details, etc. The first part of the first issue has to introduce everyone, and allow them to set the plot on course. This requires the six characters to all interact and be in many panels together. The good part about having this many characters is having plenty of "expansion fodder" (wink, wink). So, all this extra work in the beginning is worth it. But, as you can see by this preview (which is the ink and paint version of one of the preview pencils from a few posts back), things are getting interesting quickly (it's only page 7 out of a series that will be over 100 pages).

Friday, November 21, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 6 completed!

Chugging along, late into the evening, I was able to complete page 6 of the new grOw/cOmic#6, "Milking the Plot", the (semi)sequel to "Milk Farm" (grOw/cOmic#1). This was a very busy page, like the last one, with many characters, faces, bodies, and specific camera angles that had to line-up with the rendered background.  We are now at the one-third mark for the inking and paint!  Whoot!  I'm making very good progress!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 5 completed!

Well, this last page took an extra day or more. A few "real life" projects also slowed the latest page's completion. As you can see by this small preview, this page was quite detailed and full of characters, which, of course, takes more time. Unfortunately, page 6 has some similar qualities, but luckily not quite as much. Enjoy the preview!

Friday, November 14, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 4 completed!

Well, this was definitely a 2-day page — lots of characters, faces, angles, advanced glass effects (close-up of a clear bottle with liquid), and panels (5). This page required me to work a little later before calling it quits for the weekend (whoo hoo!), but it was worth it. Enjoy the preview!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 3 completed

I couldn't quite get this page done in one day as the previous two, mostly due to other "real life" work circumstances, but I made good progress and finished it today. I also was able to get a small jump on the next page as well. There is a little more text in this one as compared to some others, that some may find interesting. ;D

Monday, November 10, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 2 completed!

I've been cruising right along and completed page 2 of issue 1 of the new, upcoming grOw/cOmic#6. I was surprised that I was able to do so in just one day (albeit an extended one), considering the amount of faces and figures on this page. I think the extra time I spent on the pencil stage, as well as the natural feel of a stylus that comes from my Wacom Cintiq, allowed me to complete this page so quickly. I even had to add some special lighting to each of the four panels of this page (as you can see in the preview), but this did not push my time over one day.

Last blog post I released the name of this issue, but not the entire series. I have decided to finally announce the name of the series, which I have been hinting at as a "semi-sequel" to a previously released grOw/cOmic. So, without much further ado, the name of the grOw/cOmic#6 series is "Milking the Plot" (aka "Milk Farm 2"). This series will be a classic BE-focused cOmic, with some lactation thrown in to boot.

Friday, November 7, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6, page 1 completed!

I know it's been a while since the last blog update, but rest assured, I have been working diligently on the newest grOw/cOmic.  Since the last blog entry from 3 weeks ago, I had taken off 1 full week for an out-of-state family wedding, but the returned and immediately dove back into the work on the issue.

Since my last post, I have complete the pencil drawings for the rest of issue 1 (pages 8 through 18) of the new grOw/cOmic series (#6) which will be called "Milking the Plot". Chapter 1 is titled "MacGuffin" (odd, I know, but you will need to know the storyline to figure this one out). I also had more rendering and background setting up for issue 1, which I completed as well. 

I then went on to ink and paint page 1. It's really nice to finally get to this stage after all the prep work that led to this point. This page, as you saw in the pencil previews a few posts back, was quite detailed with a lot of people and numerous faces — all of which adds time. In addition, as you can see by the color preview, I had to deal with some lighting effects.  All in all, this new series is really turning out great!

Enjoy the preview!  It's on to page 2 come Monday!

Friday, October 17, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6 — drawin' and renderin'

Still plugging away at the pencil drawing and background creation and rendering of issue 1 of grOw/cOmic#6.  I had to put more work into the background creation, as I realized there were some important details that needed to be created. I also had to perfect the lighting. The 3D background is very important, as it is featured throughout nearly the entire series.

But I also have been working on the pencil drawings. However, I had hoped I would have gotten further along than I have. But due to the work on the 3D background setting (see above), as well as the high amount of details in the issue (many faces and tight interaction with the background by the drawn characters), I have only completed the first 7 pages of the 18 page issue. But now that the background is nearly complete, I hope to spend more time drawing, and less time modeling and rendering.

Enjoy the previews!

Friday, September 26, 2014

grOw/cOmic#6: Work has begun in earnest

It's been a few weeks since the release of the last grOw/stOry, (#18 "OutgrOwing Denise"), and things have been quite around here on this blog. However, that's not to say it's been quite for me on the grOw front.

Since the day after the release of "Denise", I have continued working on the next project, which will be a full 6-issue, grOw/cOmic series. I say "continued" as work had already been started months ago, when the authors were finalizing the last two grOw/stOries. The most recent work for me on this new cOmic series has been building the set in my 3D program in full detail, flushing out the last 2 chapters in the script, gathering reference materials in preparation for drawing, and, of course, beginning the actual pencil drawings themselves.

My recent computer failure (and subsequent replacement) had some interesting side effects. For one, I was required to upgrade a few pieces of software that no longer worked with the current operating system on the new machine. (For Mac users, I was required to upgrade from Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Mavericks 10.9.5.) The version of Shade 3D — which I've been using to create backgrounds for the last 5 years — was not longer supported. I had to spend the money to upgrade. However, this was nothing but good in the end. After enjoying a more than 50% discount sale on upgrades they were having at the time, I was thoroughly impressed and excited about the interface improvements in the latest version over what I had been using. To put this in perspective, even if you've never used the software, I went from version 8 to version 14. Huge jump. I think I built the set to the latest grOw/cOmic in about a third the time it would have taken me in the older version.

The script is not complete yet (with most of the undone part in the last chapter) but I have worked out all the kinks and solidified the plot. The explosive final chapter does have a definitive end already cemented in place, but the way in which it arrives to that point, I am still mulling over (and getting me more excited as I do). Since I have quite a few months of work before that time, I am not pushing myself now, but will allow this final issue to age like a fine wine — refining its flavor and working on its body — inside my brain until it is time to bottle it.

Before drawing could begin, I had to layout the issue and typeset the script. I needed to know how much room, and where word bubbles and narration could be placed, so that they would work well within the pages' compositions. I had set text as an afterthought in the first grOw/cOmic and I paid the price.

Then, there is the drawing. Regardless of my heavy use of my Wacom Cintiq for inking and painting, there is nothing more satisfying than pencil on paper for the initial sketches and drawings. The rough edge of the pencil on the tooth of the paper allows for much more powerful feedback to my hand and brain. Of course, the power of digital inking and coloring, in a natural pencil-in-hand way, is the Cintiq's forte. 

I had gathered numerous photos of real people I will be using for reference to draw the characters (and, by the way, not necessarily copying the photos verbatim, but using them to influence the characters by studying real-life expressions, angles, and facial structure). This will be crucial in keeping six characters looking consistent.

I have also begun to draw issue 1, and it has been a very detailed start.  The first page introduces almost all of the characters immediately, so this was a challenge to begin drawing characters I hadn't tackled before. Plus, having to draw six different faces and full sets of clothing (as well as a second frame of three of those faces in close-up) was a daunting task for the first foray into a brand new series. To be honest, I avoided it for a few days, focusing on the technical stuff instead (text layout).

However, I was extremely pleased with the results.  So much so, I am showing the original "raw" drawing of page 1, as well as the final digital composite that I will be using as a template for the ink and paint stage.

You will see the blue pencil roughs under the final graphite lines in the rough version. You will also see the 6 figures of frame one, with their enlarged heads above them. These enlarged heads are NOT the final frame, but allowed me to tackle this first page challenge. In the first panel, the heads of the figures are about the size of my thumbnail. (This drawing is done withing an 11"x 15" (28x38cm) rectangle on a 14" x 20" sheet of paper). This is small enough that a line out of place by the width of a pencil point is enough to change their looks, and makes pencil control extremely difficult (if not impossible). I used to try to draw these frames in actual size, resulting in hours of frustration. Here, I did it by using a "digital technique" for real life. On a computer, you would simply zoom in until the thumbnail-size head was the size of your screen. Since that can't be done in real life, I did the next best thing — draw the heads large, and then after scanning in the page, shrink them down to fit the bodies (within Photoshop).

I won't say I will use this technique for all frames of this nature, but seeing as it was the very first frame, introducing characters for the very first time, I deemed it necessary. And the necessity was for the audience as well as for me, since it allowed me to really delve into the faces of these new characters.

I will be taking next week off, traveling out of state to visit family. But once I return, it's back to the drawing of grOw/cOmic#6 (which, as of yet, does not have a definitive title... though I think I have one).


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

grOw/stOry#18 "OutgrOwing Denise", RELEASED!

grOw/stOry #18:
“OutgrOwing Denise”

Author Tristan Langley returns — author of "Succubus".
Clara was infatuated with her roommate, Denise, a brilliant science major. When Denise asked her to help with a sexual experiment, Clara could not resist. However, when she mistakenly becomes part of the experiment, Clara finds her breasts, ass, and libido each begin to... grOw!

Breast Expansion
– big, huge, Wow !!;   
Ass expansion ;
Vag expansion ;
Clothes stretching, button popping, bra busting
and (some) mini-GTS;
growth: science ;
sexual situations: FF (strong)

Tristan Langley (author of the popular grOw/stOry "Succubus" and well known for his "Medicine Show" saga on returns with his newest grOw/stOry, "OutgrOwing Denise". This wild ride of growing fun pushes his expansion fiction to new heights!

grOw/stOry#18 features:
  • At 21,000+ words!
  • 20 newly created BustArtist illustrations which are the best quality to date — which is 6 more than average, and includes 7 full-page spreads!
  • BONUS FEATURES: Includes high-resolution PDF as well as EPUB (eBook reader such as iPad or iPhone) and MOBI (Kindle) formats!

Buy separately or as part of Collection 16-18
  • Save an extra $3.00 over the current, separate prices.
  • Includes the 3 grOw/stOries "OutgrOwing Denise", "Voluntary Response" and "The Blooming of Bonnie" .

AVAILABLE NOW AT !  (Visa, MC, PayPal)

Friday, August 29, 2014

grOw/stOry#18 images completed! Release soon!

 The past month and a half has been a rocky ride, but has come to an end with the completion of the last illustration for grOw/stOry#18, "OutgrOwing Denise." As soon as I complete the stOry PDF, the website graphics and layout, and set-up the store, I will be able to release this new stOry.

I have finally been able to set-up the new computer, transfer files, fix incompatibilities, update old software (required with the new iMac), and other new OS issues.  Unfortunately, this whole debacle put me back 3-4 weeks. I had originally hoped to have released "OutgrOwing Denise" between the end of July and the first week of August.

Also, there have been some issues with both my website and email over the last 2 months that seemed to have gotten progressively worse. If you had had troubles accessing my website (such as receiving "server unable to connect"), or sending me emails (receiving bounce backs), you should no longer have these issues. I finally was able to get my Host to address these issues, which were due to DNS error for my domain (, which have now been fixed

Hang in there!  I should have the release ready by early next week!  In the meanwhile, enjoy these final two previews.

Friday, August 8, 2014

grOw/stOry#18: Great progress this week!

While I am still awaiting my new replacement computer, I was able to make some great progress on the illustrations for grOw/stOry#18, "OutgrOwing Denise".  I finished illustration#8, which I had almost completed last week, and then went on to complete images 9 through 12. So, I completed a good 25% of the images this week.  This means we are at the 60% mark, with 8 of the 20 illustrations to go. The author of the stOry — when showed previews of the currently completed images — said "Holy snap, those came out awesome!"

Enjoy the preview!

Friday, August 1, 2014

grOw/stOry#18 production begins again

It's been a rollercoaster of a week, with delays and further issues with my computer causing some serious consternation and delays in working on grOw/stOry#18. Seems there are more issues with my computer after the "second" fix. Because this was missed twice, and there have been so many delays in getting my iMac back, they will be giving me a brand new computer to get me fully up and running.  Whoot!  In the meanwhile, I was able to work on my original computer for a few days while the new one is on order.

I did get some non-image work done, however, so that I did not waste too much time will my main computer was in repairs. Using my wife's older computer, I was able to spend the time working on the text layout of the stOry, the website, and some parts of the story in preparation for release. So, I was working, but just not on the images (which I needed the power of my computer and my Wacom Cintiq to produce).

In that time, I was able to complete 2 more illustrations (#6 and #7), and made great progress on #8! There may be a slight delay as I transfer files and apps from the old to the new computer, but that should be slight. Until that happens, I will be chugging along on the images.

Enjoy the preview!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

grOw/stOry#18 hits slight delay, but hope to resume soon

Unfortunately, a few days after getting my computer back, it started in with the same issues as before — small multi-color squares appearing on the screen, sometimes the screen going dark, and sometimes the video just locking up. Why they originally only replaced the power supply, I don't know.  So, I had to bring it back in again.  The tech this time was surprised at the original diagnosis and said its obviously the video card (to which I agree... makes sense). Because of the misdiagnosis the first time, and the fact that I had to come back in, the video card repair will be FREE!  Whoo hoo!  

Anyway, before I brought my computer back in, I was able to complete illustrations 3-5. As soon as I get my computer back, I will be off and running on the rest (hopefully, by Monday of next week).

But, in the meantime, I was able to borrow my wife's computer and use it to continue work on the text layout and typesetting, as well as the website updates for the release. I am trying not to lose any time on work that needs to be done anyway.

Friday, July 11, 2014

grOw/stOry#18 illustrations ink & paint underway!

Just 2 hours after my last post, I got a call from the Apple store and they said my computer was fixed — about 2 days quicker that I thought it would be!  Needless to say, I was out the door within 15 minutes to go pick up my computer. It been humming along quite nicely ever since I brought it home, with its new power supply installed. I was so happy it was a relatively easy and inexpensive item to fix, and wasn't something such as a video card, or worse, the motherboard or CPU. (I was getting odd random color squares over the display and then freezing of all video.)

Once my computer was set up, I finished the last few pencil drawings and then immediately hopped into inking and painting.  In the last 2 days, I finished the first 2 illustrations for "OutgrOwing Denise". I've been making very good progress to say the least.

Enjoy the preview!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

grOw/stOry#18 Well Underway

The next project — grOw/stOry#18 titled "OutgrOwing Denise" — is well underway. The text has been completed and 17 of 20 illustrations have been pencil drawn, and I expect the complete the last 3 today or tomorrow. This release is a brand new stOry from Tristan Langley (aka "Longbow9"), the author of "Succubus".  If Mr. B ("Voluntary Response") can be considered the Steven Spielburg of BE stories, then "Tristan Langley" is the Michael Bay of them. Fast-paced and filled with numerous grOwing beauties expanding all sorts of ways, this latest endeavor from the author of the wildly popular "Medicine Show" serial story in forum is an electrically-charged romp with an explosive ending.

(For those concerned, YES, after this release, I will be embarking on the next grOw/cOmic, which will be a 6-issue series.)

I am sorry, but I can't show any pencil previews yet, as my computer is "in the shop." I am hoping to get it back within the next few days, fixed, ready to go, and with minimal weight loss to my wallet. (Don't worry — I have quadruple back-up, so no files, projects, or scans were lost.) If my computer had to develop trouble, this was the perfect time to do so, as most of my work is using pencil and paper right now. (Some work had to be done digitally, such as the backgrounds and looking up reference material, but I am using my wife's [much slowerrrr] computer to do so in the meanwhile.)

Speaking of the above, have YOU backed-up your work recently???  Hard drive failure is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN.  Back-up drives are relatively inexpensive now-a-days, and can even be configured to back-up automatically.  As for me, I have an application that automatically copies any updated file to TWO hard drives (RAID-0 set-up of 2 hard drives in a single case) each night at 2am. Also, I have a full, cloned copy of my OS on another hard drive for instant access to my OS and apps (which I am using right now); and, I have Carbonite online back-up for my files (to protect against weather damage, fire, or theft of my computer).

Remember, as posted at my website FAQ page, ALL orders made before June 6, 2012 are no longer downloadable. My old Host suddenly close-up shop and shut down his servers the day before, instantly cutting off any access. All his customers (myself included) lost their ecommerce databases without any chance of getting them back — ever.  So... make those back-ups of your purchases!

Friday, June 20, 2014

grOw/stOry#17, "Voluntary Response" RELEASED!

grOw/stOry #17:
“Voluntary Response”

Mr. B returns — author of "BEaver Lake Summer Camp"
and "The BE InsTITute" returns!.
Renée loved her boyfriend, Jay. She would do anything to make him happy. Knowing he was an avid boob-man, she decided to take part in clinical trial for a new lactation-inducing drug that had "swelling of the breasts" as a common side effect. However, things do not go as planned, and the research doctor behind the new drug "has a past history" of his product's side effects going... awry.

Breast Expansion
– big, huge, Wow ;   
Clothes stretching, button popping, bra busting
growth: science / unknown ;
sexual situations: MF .

Mr. B (author of "BEaver Lake Summer Camp" and "The BE InsTITute) returns to the grOw/stOry genre with this brand new, never before seen chapter in his series that began over 10 years ago with "Volunteers" (available free on the internet). But don't worry — this newest chapter can easily stand alone, or work well as a continuing tale in the "Volunteers" series.

grOw/stOry#17 features:
  • At 22,000+ wordse — over twice as as long as the earlier stOries!
  • 20 newly created BustArtist illustrations which are the best quality to date — which is 6 more than average, and includes 6 full-page spreads!
  • BONUS FEATURES: Includes high-resolution PDF as well as EPUB (eBook reader such as iPad or iPhone) and MOBI (Kindle) formats!

AVAILABLE NOW AT !  (Visa, MC, PayPal)

NOTE:  Should you have trouble accessing my website (i.e. "Server not found", just try again in about 10-15 minutes. My host, Network Solutions, is having occasional DNS issues.)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

All 20 illustrations for grOw/stOry#17 complete! Release soon!

Yes, you read that right — I added one more illustration to make the total twenty!  There was one scene that was too good to pass up illustrating. Having put it to the side due to difficulty with the image's layout, I was finally inspired by a nice, low-angle shot that I think really sings.

All I need to do now is complete the rest of the stOry's production — website graphics and layout, store set-up, ebook formats (PDF, Kindle, and epub), and then I can release this puppy!  I am hoping to get most of this done today and tomorrow. Release will be anytime between Friday and Monday (hopefully, sooner).

Hang in there!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

YES, my website still there. Some DNS/server issues.

If you arrive at my website ( and find that your browser "cannot find the server", rest assured that my website is STILL there.  Try again in 15-20 minutes, and keep checking periodically if that doesn't work.  Network Solutions seems to be having troubles with their DNS and/or servers and occasionally do not display my website. I am looking into this.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

grOw/stOry#17, 16 of the 19 illustrations nearly completed!

I have been so focused on grOw/stOry#17, "Voluntary Response" (and distracted by a number of "RL" events and work), that I forgot to post my week's end status update. However, progress is still chugging along at a good clip for the new grOw/stOry release.  

Right now, 16 out of the 19 illustrations are nearly completed. I say "nearly" only because I need to go back and fix a few "inconsistencies" in the most recent images as pointed out by the author, Mr. B.

Getting closer to release! (And then it's an immediate hop over to working on the images for grOw/stOry#18, as the text for that one is done!)

Monday, June 2, 2014

grOw/stOry#17 progress continues

I normally like to post at least at the end of the week when a project is underway, but I had forgotten to this past Friday. Progress on the illustrations is cruising along and I have completed 12 of the 19 images today. Mr. B also has made the final edit to the story, a nice little addition to his work's great climax.

7 more illustrations to go, and I have already made a huge dent in #13!  Hang in there! 

In the meantime, enjoy these 2 new previews!

Friday, May 23, 2014

grow/stOry#17: "Voluntary Response", 7 of 19 illustrations completed!

Wow! I hadn't realized it had been so long since my last post. But don't worry, this just means I've been so busy on the next 2 projects that I had forgotten to make an update.

The next release will be grOw/stOry#17, which has been titled "Voluntary Response". This one will be a brand new stOry, and not a rewrite of an old E.L. Publication "Tremendous Tit Tales" as has been the case for all previous releases.  This one was written by Mr. B. and is another chapter in his series of BE stories that started with "Volunteers", which was released on the net some time ago (but can still be found).  You don't need to read the previous releases to follow this one, as the main characters are new to this chapter and any reoccurring characters or back story needed are revisited.  Mr. B. is also known as the author or grOw/stOries "The B.E. InsTITute" and "BEaver Lake Summer Camp."

This new stOry will feature breast expansion (big, huge, WOW!) and lactation and run about 22,000 words long.

Enjoy the first 2 previews!

The following release will come on the heels of this one, and will be grOw/stOry#18 and is called "Outgrowing Denise". Also a brand new stOry and not tied to an old E.L. Publication release, this one was written by Tristan Langley (aka "Longbow9") who is known for grOw/stOry#15 "Succubus" and his ongoing series at LPSG, "Medicine Show". This approximately 22,000-word stOry has just been completed by the author and I will be able to jump into the illustrations immediately following the release of "Voluntary Response."  "Outgrowing Denise" features breast expansion, ass expansion, some steamy lesbian scenes, as well as multiple growth subjects. It's a wild ride of womanly expansion! 

AND, after these two, will come the next grOw/cOmic series, currently untitled. When "Outgrowing Denise" has been completed and released, I will continue working on the script and then laying the pages of this 6-part cOmic series. Currently, the script is written to nearly cover the first 4 issues. This series will return to the world of a previously released grOw/cOmic, but with new characters!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's going on? What's next?

Well, after the great release of "The Blooming of Bonnie", I have not really slowed down at all. In fact, 4 things have been in my workflow since then.

I currently have 2 writers working on new grOw/stOries. The interesting thing on these is that both are "original works". While one of the new stOries came out of conceptualizing a rewrite for "Bonnie" interestingly enough, it soon became its own entity, allowing my recreation of "Bonnie" to come to fruition. The other stOry being worked on is also an original creation, not attached to the old E.L. Publications stories in any way. It IS a continuation of a series this writer has had out for some time — an exciting new chapter in this well received series. Once they get closer to completion, I will be filling you in to the writers and their stOries.

I have also been chiseling away at writing the script for the next grOw/cOmic (#6).  Currently untitled, this new series will be a sequel of sorts. While not featuring the same characters as the original, it will take place in the same setting. I had this concept floating around in my head for almost two years, and finally was able to mind-dump it out into a text file. I was surprised at all the problems I had encountered when I got to this stage, and little details threatened to seriously derail the storyline. However, I was able to resolve all of them all intelligently and in ways that fit the original cOmic. Currently, I have outlined the full storyline, which should stretch across 6 issues. In terms of the actual script, I was able to fully write all of issue 1 and most of issue 2.

I took a short break from writing the grOw/cOmic#6 script to create a BE illustration that I have wanted to do for months now. I titled it "The Big Boob Theory" and it is a parody of the show by the similar sounding name. I created three versions: the original (in 2 sizes) and an alternate only featuring the BE'ed girls, Penny and Bernadette. Super-sized version of the full-character image can be downloaded here. I really went high-resolution on this one:  4600 x 3420 pixels.

Enjoy these new BE illustrations!  It's time to get back to work on grOw!

Friday, March 21, 2014

grOw/stOry#16, "The Blooming of Bonnie" RELEASED!

grOw/stOry #16:
“The Blooming of Bonnie”

The second largest grOw/stOry ever — 
35,700+ words and 22 new color illustrations.

Eighteen-year-old Bonnie only just found out about the true nature of sex when her friend decides to teach the shy girl upon her ascension into adulthood. But she soon finds out to her shock, that when she gets sexually excited, her breasts grow — and can grow quite big. Unbeknownst to Bonnie, others already know that she has this power, and forces are at work against her before she can discover her full potential.

Breast Expansion
– big, huge, Wow ;   
Nipple expansion
Clothes stretching, button popping
growth: mysterious biological ability ;
sexual situations: FF, MF (strong) .

This rewritten version of the original E.L. Publication's "The Blooming of Bonnie" by Clifford Drake completely re-imagines the original story, adding more characters, a deeper plot and character history, and many more detailed sexual and BE scenes, and one hell of a climax! This extra-long grOw/stOry was conceived and written by yours truly, BustArtist, and edited by Mr. B (author of "BEaver Lake Summer Camp").

grOw/stOry#16 features:
  • At 35,700+ words, the longest grOw/stOry released to date — over 4 times as long as the average stOry!  240 page PDF.
  • The original story and artwork are included in the Appendix, you will be getting TWO FULL STORIES in one book!
  • 22 newly created BustArtist illustrations which are the best quality to date — which is 8 more than average, and includes 7 full-page spreads!
  • BONUS FEATURES: Includes high-resolution PDF as well as EPUB (eBook reader such as iPad or iPhone) and MOBI (Kindle) formats!

AVAILABLE NOW AT !  (Visa, MC, PayPal)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

grOw/stOry#16 Completed! To Be Released Soon!

I have completed the final illustration of the 22 images that are to appear in the upcoming grOw/stOry, "The Blooming of Bonnie". This includes a few image edits that I had to go back and make due to some... undesirable results. I also just finished polishing and editing the story. All that is left it the final production of the PDF, the eReader versions, website, and setting up the store. I am hoping to have a release before Saturday, March 22, with a goal of Friday, March 21.  The next post to this blog will announce the release of grOw/stOry#16. Enjoy the last preview!

Friday, March 14, 2014

grOw/stOry#16, more than 20 images completed

I made some more great progress this week, nearly completing 5 images. I wasn't able to quite finish illustration #21, but got damn close in the 80-85% range. Five of the six images I worked on this week were 2-page spreads, so that is part of reason that the extra time that was required. I also worked on a lot of grammatical edits to the story, polishing it up a bit more. I am hoping to have a release by next weekend, if all goes right — cross your fingers.

Friday, March 7, 2014

grOw/stOry#16: 16 illustrations done, 6 to go.

It's been another great week in terms of completing the illustrations for "The Blooming of Bonnie", the next grOw/stOry. I was able to finish illustration 12 — which I had left off halfway through at the end of last week — and then went on to complete 13, 14, 15, and 16! I am very happy with the results, too. I have adjusted "my style" a bit.  I have thinned out the line work I use to draw the characters, as well as colored the lines in a way the makes them fade and be less apparent. I really like the result. I have also bumped up the resolution by more than 50% to get better detail.  However, I haven't decided on the final resolution I will release the stOry in, having to take the file size into consideration .

Enjoy the preview!

Friday, February 28, 2014

grOw/stOry#16: past the halfway mark

This week was a pretty productive one. I finished the 8th illustration that was only half-done from last week, wrapped up illustrations 9-11 (with 11 being very detailed), and got a good start on illustration 12.  With 22 illustrations in all, I am past the halfway mark. I hope to continue this great pace next week, though some small "RL" projects may slow that a bit. Hopefully not. Enjoy the preview!

Friday, February 21, 2014

grOw/stOry#16, nearly 4 more illustrations completed!

I've been chipping away at grOw/stOry#16, "The Blooming of Bonnie" this week and completed 3 more illustrations as well as getting a good 75% done with the 4th (which is also the 8th out of 22 images in the entire stOry). A lot more detail has gone into these as I've upped the resolution of the native files. I have also been honing my line work to make it more subtle. I hope you enjoy the new preview, which, as mentioned in my last post, is now sporting a new 600 x 600 size due to the new resolution I've been working at.

Friday, February 14, 2014

grOw/stOry#16 – painting and inking progress!

In the last 2 weeks, I've been working hard on the illustrations for the next grOw/stOry, "The Blooming of Bonnie".  Finishing the last 8 pencils, I then typeset the whole stOry, so that the completed illustrations could be dropped into place as they were completed. Switching hats, I became the ink and painter, and went on to finish 4 of the 22 full-color illustrations! I even made great progress on illustration #5 before calling it quitting time. I am making great headway on this one, with only a few delays due to "real life" work. (There were a few more delays from all the freakin' snow, ice, and sloppy slush we've been getting in the last two weeks.)  Enjoy the larger color preview!

Friday, January 31, 2014

grOw/stOry#16, blazing hot pencils

So, for the past 2 weeks, I have been reworking the story for about 20% of the time, and working on the illustrations the rest of time. 

I created all of the backgrounds in Shade 3D, which took some work since there were multiple scenes that I had to build from scratch. In the last 2 days, I was on a roll and drew 14 of these 22 images. That is the most I've done in that amount of time, ever. I was cruising, and I am very please with the results. I hope to finish up the pencils early next week and begin ink and painting.

I am really excited about this one, and can't wait to complete it.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Updates on the next project

I have been seriously chipping away on working on the next release, grOw/stOry#16. This will be a complete reworking of the first EL Pub story, "The Blooming of Bonnie" and has been written by yours truly. I am about 99% done, but need to go over it with a fine tooth comb and make a few adjustments. However, for now, I am taking a break from the writing and diving into the illustrations. I will be creating 20-22 images for this release. The new stOry turned out to be longer than I had originally planned, and thus, needed more images than normal. The stOry turned out to be over 35,000 words — another huge tale following "Succubus". I think the new stOry turned out great, taking a very loose interpretation of the original and really fleshing out (so to speak) a few choice settings and concepts. Writing it was almost like a catharsis for me, delving into a deep back story for the main character that becomes a driving force for the BE in the narrative. The title remains the same, as I think it was perfect for the new concept I had in mind for this one. For purists, it is completely focused on BE, and nothing else. 

I already have the images planned out in thumbnail roughs, and starting setting up both the rendered backgrounds as well as the Poser images for reference. I can't wait to start the actual drawing of these illustrations soon.

That said, I will be away for about a little more than a week, returning home January 26th.  If you have a store issue, you can still contact me using the Contact Form on my website, but there may be a longer delay than usual. I will be checking messages on the go with my phone.