Friday, October 30, 2009

grOw/stOry#12: coloring progresses!

As usually done for other grOw/stOries, I will not post a preview of each page completed, since, unlike the grOw/cOmics, there is only one illustration per page (where a cOmic could have 4, 5 or even 6 panels). Showing enough of a grOw/stOry page for a preview would reveal too much. Showing just a little would be useless (Hey! It's an eye!). So, I will post every so often, showing one preview for every 4 (approximately) pages. I may even post that "another page is complete!" but not show a preview, just to keep you abreast of things.

With that in mind, here is the first preview. I wanted to say that the first 3 of 16 illustrations were complete by today, but this has been a killer week. Currently, this one, and about 75% of the second, are done.

Enjoy the preview! And Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

grOw/stOry#12: work progresses

Mr. B and I have made major headway into the reworking of the next grOw/stOry, formerly known from the E.L. Publications Tremendous Tit Tales as "BOOOoob Camp." Our email powwow sessions have been sculpting and refining this new BE story into its final stages. Mr. B's writing has breathed new life into an old story — so much so, that compared to other rewritten stOries where I've said "its like getting 2 stories in 1," this time it IS getting 2 stories in 1.

Also, now that we've gotten to this stage, I've begun the artwork. So far, I have completed 13 of the planned 16 pencil drawings, ready for coloring. Yes, on average, this stOry will have 3 more illustrations than the standard 13.

Once released, this stOry will also round out the fourth grOw/stOry Collection, covering stOries #10-12. Then, it's off to the next grOw/cOmic series.

Enjoy the pencil preview.