Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GC#4 drawing continues, albiet slowly.

I finished page 31, in terms of pencil drawing, today (issue 2 goes from pages 19 to 36). I also have set-up and taken some Poser screenshots of upcoming panels. (This is what Poser was originally designed for — a digital artist's wooden posing mannequin.) These panels are important to get right — in terms of scale between the characters (there IS miniGTS in this one, BTW) as well as dramatic camera angles.

However, this phase of the production of issue 2 of grOw/cOmic#4 "grOwing Desires" is going a lot slower than I had hoped — mostly due to an overwhelming amount of "real life" work that has come down the pike. Long-time followers of my work know this is common, and is common in general in the graphic design world: feast or famine. I hope that it will ease somewhat by end of next week. I will continue to do some more pencil drawings, as little bits of free time pop-up, as they are wont to do.
Enjoy the pencil-sketch preview!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

GC#4, issue 2: Drawing has started

I mentioned in the comments in the last post of delays in starting the next issue due to an incredible amount of deadline-driven work that has come in for me in my "real life" graphic design work. It is still going on, but breaks here and there while the client review each stage has allowed me to steal some time and start work on issue 2. I have actually rewritten, and redesign about 5 of the 18 pages (again, an extra 2 this time!) to work in more "process" and growth. I have also pencil drawn 5 of the 18 pages, and am very pleased with the results. Hopefully, I will be able to work on the pencils a little more this upcoming week, and the next.