Monday, June 29, 2009

So... .what's new?

Yes, I seemed to have been missing in action for the last 3 weeks, but there has been some progress on the next project. Most of my time has been working the site after the last grOw/stOry release (the site is at its busiest for the first 2 weeks after a new release), as well as a very busy "real life" work schedule. Learning CSS (self-taught) in less than 2 months for a real website design project, especially when I am not a "programmer", is a draining experience.

So, what is new on the "BA" front? I have been working with a known BE writer to revamp the next grOw/stOry (#11). The next release will be a reworking of the former E.L. Publications story "Big Boob Clinic." Renamed to "The B.E. InsTITute," this updated stOry is 80% rewritten, and is nearly 75% longer than the original ! The results are fantastic. I think you will all really like the newly revamped story.

I have had the pleasure to work with Mr. B, a BE writer who is known for stories such as "Bit By The Bug," "Volunteers," "Overkill," and one of my favorites, "Growing Like a Weed." This later work was the inspiration for my morph-story "FanTITy" #23, by the same name. Mr. B has a great grasp of characters, storyline, plots and twists, and a good sense of a well-written paragraph!

The stOry has been completed, and I spent today planning out the illustrations. Depending on my "real life" workload, I am hoping to have it finished before the end of July (knock on wood).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

grOw/stOry#10, "Voodoo Boob-boo", Released!

After a slight technical problem, I am happy to say that the issue has been corrected, and the newest grOw/stOry has been released! It's been a year and a week since the last stOry was published, so I know this installment in the grOw series is a welcome one. This will be the first of a number of new stOries to come out in the next few months. 3-stOry Collections will be available once the third release has been completed.

grOw/stOry#10: Voodoo Boob-boo

Caitlin was an attractive 18-year-old preparing for her first year of college. One of the prettiest girls in her class, she had a lovely face, legs that went on forever, and was curvy in all the right places. But in what seemd to be a cruel jest of nature, she was also rather flat-chested. But when she can't afford a boob job, she reluctantly resorts to witchcraft at the hands of a ditzy young woman. After a resounding successful procedure, Caitlin is horrified that her boobs suddenly start to grow even bigger... and bigger... and BIGGER.

Category: Breast Expansion (big/huge/wow - magical); Buttons popping ; sex (ff)

68 page PDF ebook, with 13 NEW color illustrations by BustArtist, which are the highest quality to-date! Also contains the original 8 black-and-white line drawings by LoSarro from the former E.L. Publications print version.

This story can be purchased at:

Friday, June 5, 2009

grOw/stOry#10 file sent to Host

Mon., Jun 8 update: I should have had a release today, but unfortunately, my Host messed something up. While the file shows as uploaded, when I made a test order, the file was "missing". I put in a tech support request. I hope the fix this within 24 hours. Here's hoping....

The proofreading and PDF compilation took longer than usual, but the result was much better than it would have been if done quicker. Having 2 people review the story, a number of changes were made to streamline it, make it better, and enhance the language. It is now done, and has been sent to my website Host for uploading to the store. Once this is done, the stOry will be released. Except for a small delay due to a file corruption, they did this pretty quick last time. I am hoping for early next week. Stay tuned! They next update will be the release update.

Monday, June 1, 2009

grOw/stOry#10, all illustrations completed!

I just finished the 13th and final illustration for the newest grOw/stOry, "Voodoo Booboo". All that is left is to do is a final review and proofreading of the stOry, create the final PDF, and set-up the store. Depending on how long it takes my website Host to upload the file to the store, we may see a release by week's end, or at the beginning of next week. In the meantime, enjoy the newest preview.