Friday, August 30, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep.XIII Completed! Release early next week!

WHEW! It's been a rough week. There were so many delays that sapped my time (from "real life" work, to unforeseen "real life" obligations, to computer and software issues, email server problems that I still have to fix, you name it). Because of all of this, there is no way I will be able to complete the issue by tomorrow. And with plans for this 3-day holiday weekend, I will not be able to release the issue until next week, most likely Tues Sep 3 or Wed Sep 4. Hang in there!  

(And, I normally don't show the cover until release, but here is a small, cropped preview of the cover art since it will be a few days later than expected.)

Friday, August 23, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep.XIII, frame 64 completed!

I made pretty good progress this week, getting another 11 frames (up to frame 64) completed for Episode XIII of grOw/cinema! Considering the amount of detail in these frames, I am very happy with this result.

Hang in there! I am hoping that I can have a release by Fri., Aug 30, but that date is NOT yet set in stone. I have 6 more frames, cover art, PDF creation, website art, and website & ecommerce programming to set up to do before a release. That's a tall order for 5 days (4 days, if you want a Friday morning release). It's possible — it all depends on how much work needs to go into the last frames, if any "real life" work pops up, or any other delays happen.

Cross your fingers!

Friday, August 16, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep.XIII, frame 53 completed!

It was another busy week, with a combination of "real life" work, Patreon projects, and grOw/cinema production packing my schedule.  On the grOw/cinema front, the last few frames have been incredibly detailed. Some of the last few, took about two-thirds a day each to complete (I've had 3, 4 or sometimes 5 frames done per day on occassion)! So many characters, clothing pieces, overlapping items — all of which takes more time to select and paint individually.  On top of that, a lot of overlapping shadows and liquid effects were needed as well! Whew!

Hang in there! We are past the 75% mark with 53 of 70 frames done! 

Friday, August 9, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XIII frame 47 complete!

Still working hard on Episode XIII of grOw/cinema, even though other "real life" work — as well as some software/OS issues that sucked up a couple of hours to fix — was trying to slow me down this week. I was able to complete 9 new frames, and made great progress on a 10th.

How was last weekend, you ask? Amazing! So much fun with Damora, hubby Grievance, a couple of MaxGrowth guys, and 4000ml of saline. ;D Fun time was had shoting the breeze, talking shop, eating, drinking, and infusing. What an experience watching Damora and my wife side-by-side doing a breast saline infusion, 2000ml each (1000ml per boob). Results? WOW.

Friday, August 2, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XIII frame 38 complete!

It was a busy week — busy in real life, and busy with grOw!  Had some "real life" work pop-up that was of the "emergency sort" that took some hours in the early part of the week. And, I am taking off today for a long weekend (more on that later). In terms of grOw/cinema, some very detailed frames were worked on this week, between multiple characters, liquid effects, and the building frames with many multiple layers so that I could construct a "detailed movement sequence" with the current frames. Up to frame 38 done, and much work done on frames 39 and 40.

Now for the weekend, I am about to head out with my wife, Juliekat, and meet up with Demora and hubby, as well as some peeps from MaxGrowth Productions for a fun-filled expansion weekend! See you on the far side!