Friday, March 28, 2008

grOw/stOry#7 Released!

This story was formerly known as "Cheesecake Chestquake" when released under E.L. Publications.

Unbeknownst to the rest of her family, Angie has been entrusted by her recently deceased aunt with a much sought-after recipe: one for a cheesecake. Angie has heard rumors of the deliciousness of the family recipe for the dessert, but she had never had the opportunity to sample some before. Due to the incessant whining by her overly busty cousins over the perceived loss of the recipe, Angie secretly whips up a cake at home to try for herself. She soon learns the TRUE secret of the cheesecake, and why the other women of her family sport incredible bustlines, and she does not. In addition, she discovers that the cheesecake is not only delicious and addictive - it's enslaving!

This release of the stOry not only updates it with a new title, but sports
45% more story than the original E.L. Publications release! Reworked and added text embellishes and expands this tasty BE tale of sweet cravings and good ol' family rivalry that leads to a delicious finale of huge (pro)portions.

Category: Breast Expansion (big/huge/wow - food); Clothes ripping/Buttons popping

84 page PDF ebook, with 13 NEW color illustrations by BustArtist, which are the highest quality to-date! Also contains the original 7 black-and-white line drawings by LoSarro from the former E.L. Publications print version.

Now available at

The next grOw/stOry to be released Friday.

I know I haven't updated in quite a while. However, there has definitely been progress on the artwork front, albeit not as much as I had hoped for. The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster of a hectic life and work combination — all culminating in a horrible plunge a week ago (as some readers of the BEA Forum may know about).

Because of the slow progress, I have decided to release the newest grOw/stOry tomorrow. Previously, the grOw/stOries were released in groups of three. Due to current conditions in my life, it is hard to say when the next 2 will be complete. Don't worry — they are still in the forefront of the work queue. However, I am still working on the revamping of the text of these stOries (some editing, some rewriting) in order to enhance them further. When that is done, then the artwork will start.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Project Underway: grOw/stOries

I am now working on the next 3 grOw/stOries. I am still undecided on the third of the three, but the first two will be "An Ol' Mammary Recipe" (formerly known as "Cheesecake Chestquake") and "Sizing Up the CompeTITion" (formerly known as "Rechested Nurses").

The drawing stage for "An Ol' Mammary Recipe" is complete. I will soon begin on the inking and coloring. You can see a preview of pencils here (click for larger view). It's a story about Angie, whose recently deceased aunt left her the secret family recipe for a cheesecake that is wildly craved for by the rest of her family. Angie hides the recipe, feeling good that at least she has something her cousins don't. They have eaten this cheesecake, but she hasn't; all her cousins have huge breasts, but she doesn't. Hmm... is there a connection?