Monday, October 28, 2013

GS#15: about 60% completed!

I just finished the 13th illustration for "Succubus", the newest grOw/stOry (#15). I've been tirelessly chipping away at this beast, the longest and most detailed stOry ever — by a long shot! This 40,000+ word stOry — should I say novella? — has lots of material to pull some great images from, and I am not wanting for inspiration. Enjoy the preview!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Website slow... Network Solutions DNS issues

*EDIT:  This has been fixed by Network Solutions by this evening, 9pm, EST.

I'm still around. Should my website ( be slow or unresponsive, please know this is due to my Host (big guy Network Solutions) seems to be having DNS issues.  Once connected, you should have no issues.

If you are just dying to order something, email me and I will send you a direct link to the grOw issue(s) you are looking for. The store is run by a different site and still up and running.

In the meantime, back to working on the next release!  Whoot!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Good progress on grOw/stOry#15

Just finishing up the 8th full-page color image, I realized that I haven't posted an update in a while. The images are coming along great, and most of the book has been layed out, including the original story in the appendix. The cover has also been completed (see my website for a sneak preview! — click the icon for an enlarged image).  I had wished I was further along with the images, but "RL" work has been a real drag on my time — frustratingly so. However, after today, I hope most of that will be done with and I will be able to focus most of my time completing the images. On down time, there even has been tossing around of concepts for the next stOry after this one, so that we can go into immediate production of the next project. Enjoy the preview for now!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Wherefore Art Thou, BA?

Whew, but it's been a while since my last post. I was in communication on other various fronts — DeviantArt, forums, and, of course, the continuation of the grOw girls for the Cintiq Fundraiser at my website — but now it's finally time to make an update here.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the work on the next project has been underway for quite some time (since about April), and is coming to a head. The next release is going to be a new grOw/stOry, written by a new writer, Tristan Langley (a.k.a "Longbow9" on many forums, especially on the LPSG forum for his enormous, on-going serial "Medicine Show"). grOw/stOry#15 will be a reworking of the E.L. Publications story, "Lacula".

The stOry has just been completed, and Tristan/Longbow9 and I are going back and forth with the final edits and polish. While the stOry was being written, I started on the drawing the images. 16 images have been pencil drawn so far, and 2 of them have been completely colorized (inked and painted using the new Cintiq!). A preview of one of the color images has been attached to this post.

Part of my time "away" from the blog was due to an incredible deluge of "RL" work that hit me 2-3 weeks ago. I used to think getting hit with 4 projects at once was rough; but this time, I was inundated with 7 graphic design projects within just a few days. (I swear the clients planned it that way.) This filled my time during those 2 weeks in mid-September. Luckily, most are finished, with a just a few being wrapped up now.

But, in the meanwhile, Longbow9 continued his writing of the new stOry, "Succubus".  And writing, and writing, and writing. This release is an enormous increase in length of a grOw/stOry — the longest to date by far!  How much longer?  Well, in comparison, the last 2 grOw/stOries ("SororTITy Study Party" and "New mOOns Rising") were about 18,300 and 17,500 words respectively; and the 2 before that by Mr. B ("BEaver Lake Summer Camp" and "The BE InsTITute") were about 15,000 and 11,000 words.  The new, upcoming release of "Succubus" will be more than double the longest stOry to-date, at about 40,000 words!  This thing is a monster, and has plenty of sexy action, characterizations, growth fetishes (BE, lactation, PE and Ball expansion, Ass expansion, and even more BE), rich back story, steamy sex scenes, engaging plot, and plenty of expanding women.

I will be updating the blog with color image previews from time to time until the release.  I won't be showing all of them, as done in the past with other grOw/stOries, since each page is only 1 panel, unlike the cOmics which are multiple panels per page. It would reveal too much to show a piece of every image.

And, of course, the release will also contain the original story "Lacula" and images in the appendix.