Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's going on? What's next?

Well, after the great release of "The Blooming of Bonnie", I have not really slowed down at all. In fact, 4 things have been in my workflow since then.

I currently have 2 writers working on new grOw/stOries. The interesting thing on these is that both are "original works". While one of the new stOries came out of conceptualizing a rewrite for "Bonnie" interestingly enough, it soon became its own entity, allowing my recreation of "Bonnie" to come to fruition. The other stOry being worked on is also an original creation, not attached to the old E.L. Publications stories in any way. It IS a continuation of a series this writer has had out for some time — an exciting new chapter in this well received series. Once they get closer to completion, I will be filling you in to the writers and their stOries.

I have also been chiseling away at writing the script for the next grOw/cOmic (#6).  Currently untitled, this new series will be a sequel of sorts. While not featuring the same characters as the original, it will take place in the same setting. I had this concept floating around in my head for almost two years, and finally was able to mind-dump it out into a text file. I was surprised at all the problems I had encountered when I got to this stage, and little details threatened to seriously derail the storyline. However, I was able to resolve all of them all intelligently and in ways that fit the original cOmic. Currently, I have outlined the full storyline, which should stretch across 6 issues. In terms of the actual script, I was able to fully write all of issue 1 and most of issue 2.

I took a short break from writing the grOw/cOmic#6 script to create a BE illustration that I have wanted to do for months now. I titled it "The Big Boob Theory" and it is a parody of the show by the similar sounding name. I created three versions: the original (in 2 sizes) and an alternate only featuring the BE'ed girls, Penny and Bernadette. Super-sized version of the full-character image can be downloaded here. I really went high-resolution on this one:  4600 x 3420 pixels.

Enjoy these new BE illustrations!  It's time to get back to work on grOw!