Wednesday, June 27, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 30 completed!

It's been a few extra days longer between this and the last update as compared to the pace of the current issue, but I was finally able to complete page 30. This represents the 2/3 mark for the issue, leaving only 6 pages to go! A combination of "real life" work, some issues with the new store, and details on this most recent page, were the reasons for this page taking longer. All-in-all, it wasn't too much more time, but in case you were wondering. Enjoy the preview!  It's on to page 31, and the last third of the issue for me!

Friday, June 22, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 29 completed!

I made sure to finish up this page today so that I could get one more preview in before the weekend.  Page 29 was a great page to work on, with plenty of nice close-ups and detail.

On the website/store front, the grOw/cOmics and grOw/stOries are slowly being added to the "functional" store (  As mentioned earlier, I will work on the website "after hours" so that I can continue to make progress on the current project — grOw/cOmic#5 issue 2.  For now, the store will be "functional" and not too "snazzy". After all the grOw products have been integrated into the store, I will then work on a new design to make to better, with more features.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 28 completed!

I've been cruising right along, finishing page 28 in one day! We've broken through the halfway mark, and are now speeding down the hill towards the finish. Eight more pages to go!

Monday, June 18, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 27 completed!

Still chipping away at issue 2 (titled "Big Screen Premiere!") of grOw/cOmic#5 with the completion of page 27. All in all, progress is slowly getting back up to speed in this issue. We are now at the halfway mark for issue 2!  Nine more pages to go and the cover of issue 3 (to appear at the end as a sneak preview).

The newly update website store is slowly growing as well. I added more products tonight, and will continue to do so "after hours", so that I don't slow down the production of the latest grOw/cOmic.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GC#5 page 26 complete! New store emerging!

I took a break from all the red tape, setting up, HTML programming, email configuration, etc., etc., etc., for the creation of my new website and eCommerce store to finish page 26, which was 80% done when my old store imploded into a black hole. Thanks for all your patience as I dealt with this disaster.

Over the next few weeks or so, I will be working concurrently on building out my new store as well as working on issue 2 of grOw/cOmic#5. As for the store, my initial goal is just to get all the grOw products up and running. Once that is done, I will put my full focus on completing issue 2. When that is done, I will return to my store and work on a nice, professional design.

For now, enjoy the newest preview!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Store coming back to life... slowly...

I believe I have found a new store option. I am working on rebuilding now. I currently have the newest products up, and will slowly add the others. Once that is done, I will also work on making it look better.  :) 

Currently, the new store is at:

I am working on getting my domain transferred to it, but am having some difficulties (which I believe will eventually be resolved).

Good news for the new store:
• Immediate access to the link to download upon purchase! No more waiting for emails and putting in download links!!
• Eventually, a nicer website, instead of the old, clunky grid store.
• Better download speeds! Larger files can be handled.

It is looking like the death of my old Hosting service is a blessing in disguise, but it's a lot of work to get this up and running again.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 temporarily down

My store is temporarily down. I have a call into my Host. Hopefully, it will return... soon!

If you need to contact me (since my email is down), please email: bustartist (at) aol (dot) com


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 25 completed!

Take a day longer than I had anticipated, I was finally able to complete page 25 this morning. Again, detail, overlapping, dramatic angles, and integration with the backgrounds took extra time to finish this page.

Ha!  As I am writing this, I see that I made a glaring mistake — an omission, to be exact. (It is not part of this preview.) I will need to go back and correct this before moving on to page 26. It shouldn't take too long, but will take a little work. 

In the meantime, enjoy page 25's preview! I know some have been waiting for this one since I showed it in pencil form.