Friday, October 27, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode V, frame 21 completed!

I had a much better week this time around, completing frame 21 and making a great start on frame 22 of Episode V. This means Episode V is now 25% done!

There were a lot of detailed frames, with plenty of overlapping characters and liquid effects, which, as mentioned before, takes extra time.  The overlapping takes more time planning, and drawing all the intersecting lines. And then the inking and painting takes longer due to the fact of having to select and color more and smaller sections.

Friday, October 20, 2017

grOw/cinema, Ep.V, Artwork begins!

The drawing, inking, and painting of Episode V of grOw/cinema has begun! This week, I was able to complete the first 9 frames.  I had hoped for more, but this was actually a good number considering a few delays: a) I was away Monday; b) I had to build the 3D background for the first scene before drawing began; and c) today was a total wash as "real life" work consumed me completely.  Today's loss of time for grOw/cinema was utterly (udderly?) unexpected. I had originally hoped to complete up to frame 12 by the end of this week, minimum. There is always next week, and no big delays on the horizon at this time. The countdown to release begins!

Episode V will feature: BE (big, huge, wow!); PE (super porn-star; huge); Ass expansion ("kardashian" to very big); Pussy expansion (big!.. as well as leftover sizes from last issue);  miniGTS (Tall woman between 6'6" and 9'; and miniGTS up to 11').  There will also be re-introductions to characters who haven't appeared since Episode I.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

grOw/cinema, Ep. V script and storyboards completed!

Version 2 of the script is now complete, with a number of refinements and additions made as storyboard progress caused new ideas to emerge, and problems to be solved.  Storyboards for all 83 frames are also done. Artwork to begin next week, as soon as I create a new backgrounds.  The action will be moving to a new room in the house, and I have to build it in my 3D program first, before beginning the drawing and coloring. 

This early weekly update is being made tonight as I will be out on a mini-vacation for the next 5 days. Work begins again on Tues., Oct 17.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Work on grOw/cinema, Episode V has begun!

The release of Episode IV of grOw/cinema was a success, and many of you expressed excitement for the issue and for more in the future!  Well, more will definitely be coming!

Since the release of the last issue, I've been busy.  The first thing I did was nearly complete the newly-designed BustArtist website to modernize it and make it mobile-ready ("responsive"). I just have to finish adding the ecommerce plug-in to my WordPress design and set the parameters to all the grOw items.  I will wait until the current Episode IV sales die down to do so, to minimize any disruption (it may take a few hours to switch over to the new site).

I've also been working on the next issue of grOw/cinema (Episode V). The final name of this episode has not yet been set in stone, but I am working on a punny variation of "the Higgs Boson".  😉

I've written the first draft of the script, which will be edited and fixed up as I draw the rough storyboards for the issue. As of today, I completed the storyboards up to frame 46 (out of 80-82 frames). The storyboarding definitely helps me refine the script, as I realize that some things written don't always play nicely when turned into visuals. In addition, when roughing out the images, new and better ideas come to mind, and I refine the script (which I have done already).

I hope to begin drawing and painting the actual frames next week.  Note: next week will be a short one, as I head out of town for a long weekend on Thursday, returning the following Tuesday.

Stay tuned!