Wednesday, October 11, 2017

grOw/cinema, Ep. V script and storyboards completed!

Version 2 of the script is now complete, with a number of refinements and additions made as storyboard progress caused new ideas to emerge, and problems to be solved.  Storyboards for all 83 frames are also done. Artwork to begin next week, as soon as I create a new backgrounds.  The action will be moving to a new room in the house, and I have to build it in my 3D program first, before beginning the drawing and coloring. 

This early weekly update is being made tonight as I will be out on a mini-vacation for the next 5 days. Work begins again on Tues., Oct 17.


Anonymous said...

You stated that you wanted a "punny" version of Higgs Boson, well I think that you probably leaning towards Higgs Bosom, if you didn't already think of that pun, you're welcome to use it, 'cause that's the way I'd title it. Also, could you give any spoiler alerts on what themes you're using in this installment? I know that, beside myself, we'd like to see GTS, at least before you finish this title's series.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what's in store (in your usual outline of what to expect)!

Anonymous said...

Need age progressions and gender benders.