Friday, June 16, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode III -- RELEASED!

"The Ever-Expanding Universe"

Episode III: “The Milky Lay

HUGE 81-frame issue!

What is "grOw/cinema" ?
n exciting, new, episodic series drawn in the style of a big-screen movie. See the 2 page samples below to get a glimpse of this new style of comic.

Naked and facing his girlfriend's mom, Carl prepares to use his special ability on the huge-breasted MILF, changing her from an angry mother to a pliable, sexy lady.

Breast Expansion

Lactation(some) Penis expansion (super porn star)

Bulging bra, stretched clothes, button popping
Reality alterations, Personality alterations

Sexual situations
(MF — strong)
growth: mind powers

grOw/cinema, Episode III features:
  • Extra-long 81 full-color frames along with cover poster.
  • Part 3 of the new on-going series.
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode III completed. Release soon...

Late last night, I just finished the last frame and "cover poster" for Episode III of grOw/cinema. At 81 frames, this episode will feature BE (huge), lactation, Ass expansion (huge), MILF, some PE, bulging bra, stretching and too-small clothing, button popping, reality and personality change, and strong sexual situations.

Right now, I am working on corrections (as my wife completed her first round of proofreading last night, and will be doing the second round tonight). Too many typos — they're easy to miss when you've written, typeset, and reread it so often that you "see" things that aren't there. (For example, I read "pantyhsoe" so many times, I never saw the typo.) I am also fixing a few "art errors" (such as a necklace that shows in some frames, and disappears in a few others).

Then, it is on to creating the final PDF, working on the website graphics, and programming the website and store. (Note: I haven't yet completed the new website I mentioned in some previous posts — sorry to those mobile visitors.) 

Don't look for a release today (Thursday). However, barring a huge disruption, I should be able to release this Episode tomorrow (Fri., Jun 16), just 63 days since the last release (most releases in 2015 and 2016 were between 91 and 127 days).

Friday, June 9, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode III: only 5 frames to go!

Made some great progress this week — even while working on "real life work" projects as well — and completed 11 more frames this week! That brings us very close the end, with only 5 frames more to go (plus the "cover poster")!  The frames I worked on this week each took some extra time as compared to most others. Each one had a lot of "character overlapping" in each frame, as well as working on an "animated sequence" (which works great in this format when you "turn the page").

Hang in there!  We are getting very close!

Friday, June 2, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode III, frame 65 completed and more...

While I produced less than a good week, I was able to complete a decent 7 frames in the next Episode of grOw/cinema. However, not only that, but I wrote the script and started planning out frames 66-80.  You see, I originally thought I would end this particular chapter at frame 65 (which I completed today). But I decided that I would extend it, if I could use the next 15 frames to: a) bring it up to a similar count to the first 2 extra-long Episodes; and b) make the storyline be enticing enough. I believe I have. I can now definitely say (you may notice that I hadn't done so until now) that this Episode will be about 80 frames.  Only 15 more to go!  Hang in there!  We're getting close!