Friday, August 8, 2014

grOw/stOry#18: Great progress this week!

While I am still awaiting my new replacement computer, I was able to make some great progress on the illustrations for grOw/stOry#18, "OutgrOwing Denise".  I finished illustration#8, which I had almost completed last week, and then went on to complete images 9 through 12. So, I completed a good 25% of the images this week.  This means we are at the 60% mark, with 8 of the 20 illustrations to go. The author of the stOry — when showed previews of the currently completed images — said "Holy snap, those came out awesome!"

Enjoy the preview!

Friday, August 1, 2014

grOw/stOry#18 production begins again

It's been a rollercoaster of a week, with delays and further issues with my computer causing some serious consternation and delays in working on grOw/stOry#18. Seems there are more issues with my computer after the "second" fix. Because this was missed twice, and there have been so many delays in getting my iMac back, they will be giving me a brand new computer to get me fully up and running.  Whoot!  In the meanwhile, I was able to work on my original computer for a few days while the new one is on order.

I did get some non-image work done, however, so that I did not waste too much time will my main computer was in repairs. Using my wife's older computer, I was able to spend the time working on the text layout of the stOry, the website, and some parts of the story in preparation for release. So, I was working, but just not on the images (which I needed the power of my computer and my Wacom Cintiq to produce).

In that time, I was able to complete 2 more illustrations (#6 and #7), and made great progress on #8! There may be a slight delay as I transfer files and apps from the old to the new computer, but that should be slight. Until that happens, I will be chugging along on the images.

Enjoy the preview!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

grOw/stOry#18 hits slight delay, but hope to resume soon

Unfortunately, a few days after getting my computer back, it started in with the same issues as before — small multi-color squares appearing on the screen, sometimes the screen going dark, and sometimes the video just locking up. Why they originally only replaced the power supply, I don't know.  So, I had to bring it back in again.  The tech this time was surprised at the original diagnosis and said its obviously the video card (to which I agree... makes sense). Because of the misdiagnosis the first time, and the fact that I had to come back in, the video card repair will be FREE!  Whoo hoo!  

Anyway, before I brought my computer back in, I was able to complete illustrations 3-5. As soon as I get my computer back, I will be off and running on the rest (hopefully, by Monday of next week).

But, in the meantime, I was able to borrow my wife's computer and use it to continue work on the text layout and typesetting, as well as the website updates for the release. I am trying not to lose any time on work that needs to be done anyway.

Friday, July 11, 2014

grOw/stOry#18 illustrations ink & paint underway!

Just 2 hours after my last post, I got a call from the Apple store and they said my computer was fixed — about 2 days quicker that I thought it would be!  Needless to say, I was out the door within 15 minutes to go pick up my computer. It been humming along quite nicely ever since I brought it home, with its new power supply installed. I was so happy it was a relatively easy and inexpensive item to fix, and wasn't something such as a video card, or worse, the motherboard or CPU. (I was getting odd random color squares over the display and then freezing of all video.)

Once my computer was set up, I finished the last few pencil drawings and then immediately hopped into inking and painting.  In the last 2 days, I finished the first 2 illustrations for "OutgrOwing Denise". I've been making very good progress to say the least.

Enjoy the preview!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

grOw/stOry#18 Well Underway

The next project — grOw/stOry#18 titled "OutgrOwing Denise" — is well underway. The text has been completed and 17 of 20 illustrations have been pencil drawn, and I expect the complete the last 3 today or tomorrow. This release is a brand new stOry from Tristan Langley (aka "Longbow9"), the author of "Succubus".  If Mr. B ("Voluntary Response") can be considered the Steven Spielburg of BE stories, then "Tristan Langley" is the Michael Bay of them. Fast-paced and filled with numerous grOwing beauties expanding all sorts of ways, this latest endeavor from the author of the wildly popular "Medicine Show" serial story in forum is an electrically-charged romp with an explosive ending.

(For those concerned, YES, after this release, I will be embarking on the next grOw/cOmic, which will be a 6-issue series.)

I am sorry, but I can't show any pencil previews yet, as my computer is "in the shop." I am hoping to get it back within the next few days, fixed, ready to go, and with minimal weight loss to my wallet. (Don't worry — I have quadruple back-up, so no files, projects, or scans were lost.) If my computer had to develop trouble, this was the perfect time to do so, as most of my work is using pencil and paper right now. (Some work had to be done digitally, such as the backgrounds and looking up reference material, but I am using my wife's [much slowerrrr] computer to do so in the meanwhile.)

Speaking of the above, have YOU backed-up your work recently???  Hard drive failure is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN.  Back-up drives are relatively inexpensive now-a-days, and can even be configured to back-up automatically.  As for me, I have an application that automatically copies any updated file to TWO hard drives (RAID-0 set-up of 2 hard drives in a single case) each night at 2am. Also, I have a full, cloned copy of my OS on another hard drive for instant access to my OS and apps (which I am using right now); and, I have Carbonite online back-up for my files (to protect against weather damage, fire, or theft of my computer).

Remember, as posted at my website FAQ page, ALL orders made before June 6, 2012 are no longer downloadable. My old Host suddenly close-up shop and shut down his servers the day before, instantly cutting off any access. All his customers (myself included) lost their ecommerce databases without any chance of getting them back — ever.  So... make those back-ups of your purchases!

Friday, June 20, 2014

grOw/stOry#17, "Voluntary Response" RELEASED!

grOw/stOry #17:
“Voluntary Response”

Mr. B returns — author of "BEaver Lake Summer Camp"
and "The BE InsTITute" returns!.
Renée loved her boyfriend, Jay. She would do anything to make him happy. Knowing he was an avid boob-man, she decided to take part in clinical trial for a new lactation-inducing drug that had "swelling of the breasts" as a common side effect. However, things do not go as planned, and the research doctor behind the new drug "has a past history" of his product's side effects going... awry.

Breast Expansion
– big, huge, Wow ;   
Clothes stretching, button popping, bra busting
growth: science / unknown ;
sexual situations: MF .

Mr. B (author of "BEaver Lake Summer Camp" and "The BE InsTITute) returns to the grOw/stOry genre with this brand new, never before seen chapter in his series that began over 10 years ago with "Volunteers" (available free on the internet). But don't worry — this newest chapter can easily stand alone, or work well as a continuing tale in the "Volunteers" series.

grOw/stOry#17 features:
  • At 22,000+ wordse — over twice as as long as the earlier stOries!
  • 20 newly created BustArtist illustrations which are the best quality to date — which is 6 more than average, and includes 6 full-page spreads!
  • BONUS FEATURES: Includes high-resolution PDF as well as EPUB (eBook reader such as iPad or iPhone) and MOBI (Kindle) formats!

AVAILABLE NOW AT !  (Visa, MC, PayPal)

NOTE:  Should you have trouble accessing my website (i.e. "Server not found", just try again in about 10-15 minutes. My host, Network Solutions, is having occasional DNS issues.)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

All 20 illustrations for grOw/stOry#17 complete! Release soon!

Yes, you read that right — I added one more illustration to make the total twenty!  There was one scene that was too good to pass up illustrating. Having put it to the side due to difficulty with the image's layout, I was finally inspired by a nice, low-angle shot that I think really sings.

All I need to do now is complete the rest of the stOry's production — website graphics and layout, store set-up, ebook formats (PDF, Kindle, and epub), and then I can release this puppy!  I am hoping to get most of this done today and tomorrow. Release will be anytime between Friday and Monday (hopefully, sooner).

Hang in there!