Wednesday, June 12, 2013

grOw/cOmic#5, page 82 completed!

Another great, quite detailed page has been completed! Lot's of action, smoke, motion blurs, fire, dust — just a lot of "wow"! With the completion of page 82, this is the last of the first set of pages for issue 5 that are currently drawn (the first 7 of 22). You may remember that I ran out of drawing paper, and had some issues ordering more. In the meantime, I had started on the ink and painting of the drawn pages. Well, now that I have finished all of them so far, it's time to go back to good ol' pencil and paper and complete the other 15 pages for this issue.

I will also be drawing, inking, and painting the new "donation girl" for my Wacom Cintiq Fund Raiser. ;) Stay tuned!

Friday, June 7, 2013

grOw/cOmic#5, page 81 completed!

Yes!  I got a third page done this week with the completion of page 81.  Another detailed page, this one was filled with smoke, lighting effects, and detailed combining drawn characters and 3-D backgrounds. Luckily, it was only 3 frames and a few less effects as compared to the last page, or I wouldn't have been able to finish it before the weekend.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

grOw/cOmic#5, page 80 completed!

WHEW!  I think this last page has got to be the most detailed and complicated page I have ever done in any of the grOw/cOmics!  Page 80 of grOw/cOmic#5 is 5 panels of action, special effects, movement, blurs, smoke, dust and debris, cracks, lighting effects, depth of field effects, and meticulous blending of hand-drawn characters and 3D background (including numerous overlapping of the two). And it sure came out great! The preview here shows only a smidgen of the entire page's details.  Enjoy!

Monday, June 3, 2013

grOw/cOmic#5, page 79 completed!

I meant to post this on this past Friday, but I got caught up in other work. "Progress" is the word, as another detailed page (page 79) was completed on issue 5 of "grOwing Appreciation". It's a much longer than usual issue (22 compared to 16-18 pages), so hang in there!  This is the final chapter of the cOmic!