Friday, October 29, 2010

GC#4, page 56 complete!

While still rolling in, my "real life" graphic design work has been surprisingly, yet mercilessly, not as crushing as it could be, but just enough to be active. Because of it's leisurely pace, I was able to complete page 56 in about 2 days. The details from issue 3 are back, giving me plenty to work on in each panel. The next few pages vary greatly in their complexity, so the completion rates will be similarly different. Enjoy the preview of the second page — 16 more to go!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GC#4, page 55 complete!

The first page of issue 4 has been completed! I was able to get an immediate jump start on the issue and worked long to complete page 55. I can't say that all pages will be done this quickly, partially due to the details involved with FMG, partially due to "RL work". Since a few of you don't find Dean T. William Barkings too sexy, I included some text to help enhance the preview. ;D Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

grOw/cOmic#4, issue 4, pencils complete!

I was hoping to get this done yesterday, but once again, I got swamped. I finished up pencil drawings of the last 2 pages of the issue today, and spent the last 2 hours scanning the pages, touching them up, and getting them ready to be used for the ink and paint stage. Each page takes 2 scans, and then compositing, since the original drawings are about 11" x 14.5" and my scanner only does 8.5" x 11".

Some questions and requests have arisen in the planning of this issue. Having never done FMG before, people are unsure of how far I will go. It is a good question. As with any growth fetish, there are wide ranges of taste on how far they go (or grow!). The BE and GTS communities seem to have a rating system for stories ("large, huge, Wow!" and "mini, meso, mega, etc"), but I am unsure if the FMG community does. Without trying to give anything away, but being honest to those who have certain expectations (or desires), I will say that the woman in question will make Arnold Schwarzenegger look small, be larger than is physically possible, but not so much that she looks like she can't move. I have been doing some research on FMG (and real life female body building) in an attempt to maintain a feminine body sculpting look. Of course, it will be hard to please everyone — some will think it is too much, some will think it is not enough — but, hopefully, most will think it just right.

I will say this. I have gained a new appreciation for the theme. The experience has also enhanced my understanding of the bodies musculature, recalling the figure drawing classes I took in college.

Don't forget, along with the FMG, the issue will also contain miniGTS(mesoGTS), as well as BE, lactation, PE, and some NipE.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

grOw/cOmic#4, issue 4 pencils progress

I've been working away at the next issue of grOw/cOmic#4. Balancing it with my "RL" workload, I've been very focused this week on researching reference material (found some great stuff) as well as drawing the full size pages. So much so, in fact, that I realized that I forgot to post an update every 5 pages or so.

This post is to let you know that I have just completed 11 out of the 18 pencil drawn pages. I think the results are coming along quite nicely, with the newly found reference materials helping out immensely! At this rate, I am hoping to start showing color previews of inked and colored pages by next week sometime. Crossing fingers.

In the meantime, enjoy the pencil preview!

Friday, October 15, 2010

grOw/cOmic#4, issue 4 moving along, albiet slowly

Over the last 2 weeks, progress has been made on issue 4 of grOw/cOmic #4, but not as much as I had hoped by this point. Still, a decent amount of work has been done, much of it "behind the scenes." This has been somewhat delayed due to the recent flood of "real life" work that suddenly dropped in my lap, and may still be coming down the pike. Today, however, was a free day, and I used it to work on the latest issue of grOw.

I have completed the thumbnails of the issue for all 18 pages. This includes the reworking of the first 8 pages which were already done months ago.

I also took a few hours to format the text. Back when I created grOw/cOmics #1 and #2, I would look at the amount of text in the word balloons and narration boxes, and make a good guess on room I would need to fit them. It usually worked. However, occasionally the results would be disastrous, and I would not have enough space to fit the artwork properly. This required me to rework the drawing, or cut text. Now, I lay out the text of the entire issue, within the framework that is based on my thumbnail sketches. This way, I know exactly the space required, and it allows me to better design each panel so that the image and text work well together.

I have also been doing some research on "reference material" on women's muscular bodies. :)

Lastly, I have completed 4 and a half pages of the issue in pencil form. This is going a little slower than usual, due to the extra rendering required for FMG.

All in all, things are progressing fairly well. I hope to start showing color previews again soon.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

grOw/cOmic#4: next steps

Thank you!

Thank you to all who purchased the latest issue of grOw/cOmic#4 "grOwing Desires". I am happy with the feedback I've gotten, and, as usual, will apply anything pertinent to future issues.

Thank you to all of you who notified me of issues of my work being illegally shared on various boards! I am moving as soon as I can to squash them. Your support in this is greatly appreciated!

And thank you for being patient for the last 10 days without any blog updates. I usually like to keep the "Release" announcement up for a week; but this time, it went a little longer due to ... you guessed it ... a serious flood of "real life work" and triple the normal stress that comes with it. It was a doosey of a week! And what timing, too! Had I waited just one more day to release issue 3, it would probably have not been released until tomorrow (10 days later)! I was just too overwhelmed.

But that workload is mostly done, and I am turning my sights on issue 4: "Your wish is by my command." I have worked on it a little this week, mainly reviewing the script, rewriting sections, reworking the page planning thumbnails, and adding 2 more pages. I decided to make all issues in this series 2 more pages than normal, at 18 pages each!

I will now be continuing the planning of the full issue, and then on to the pencil drawing of each page. After every 4 or so pages, I will post an update (as usual) on how that stage is coming along. Then, when that is done, it will be back to the page-by-page updates as they are inked, colored, and completed.