Friday, July 21, 2017

Artwork for grOw/cinema, Ep. IV begins!

The first frame of Episode IV of grOw/cinema has been completed! It took a while to get to this point (more on this below), but the trip to the next release has begun! This new chapter will be about the same extra-long length as the others and will feature BE (huge, Wow), Ass expansion (Very huge), Penis expansion (Very huge!), pussy expansion (huge!), lactation, nipple expansion, excessive cum, MILF,  strong sexual situations, as well as the usual reality and personality alterations. I am still making edits and some changes to the script as I go, but have started and will continue to work on the art as I do.

So what has happened since the last release? I know there were only 2 weeks between the release of Episode II and the first preview of Episode III. This time around, it's been about 5 weeks. Many things were going on during that time frame, which prevented me from beginning the latest Episode.

Initially, I used the days after the release to get some "real life" work projects done that I had temporarily put off so that I could get Episode III out the door as soon as possible.  Then, I took at least a week to work on the new website. I made a huge dent in this undertaking, but still have a lot more to go. I didn't realize I had so many issues, each needing its own page. Eventually, this WordPress conversion will happen, and mobile users will be much happier.

Then, I took a few days to create brand new artwork which I will make available at my SizeCon table.  Yes, the first-ever, printed, BA merch has been created!  Six brand-new pieces of artwork, covering various fetishes, will be at my table in 8.5"x11", full-color, glossy postcards. The prints came out wonderful (just got them delivered today!) and are of a high-quality. Some of these 6 prints also feature artwork in genres that I've never done before — blueberry, shrinking woman, and shrinking man (OK, this maybe very quickly in my old pencil comic). Two more feature GTS (one mega!). The last one is a BE-Ass expansion combo, which will be a poster at the Con. You may have seen it, if you've followed updates from SizeCon or my DeviantArt gallery. The others won't be revealed until SizeCon.

Also during this time between issues, my wife ("Juliekat") and I took about a week off from work. A much needed mini-vacation, we spent it with visiting family, and took a long weekend away during that time.

Juliekat also threw me a birthday party during that week, to celebrate my... I can't believe I am saying this... 50th birthday.  Yikes!  I was a sprite 29-year-old when I was introduced to the "internet BE community" (which was quite small and scattered back then) back in 1996.  21 years later, I am still contributing and enjoying it immensely. I still consider myself a sprite 50-year-old, though a little softer in the middle, and a little grayer (OK, a lot) on top.

The last week was filled with another "real life" project, as well as completing the script to Episode IV which I started about 3 weeks ago. I also sketched out the rough thumbnails for each panel. With those 2 done, I was able to draw and color the first full panel of Episode IV. 

The countdown to the next release has begun!