Friday, April 15, 2016

grOw/cOmic#6, issue 6 "Plot Twists" RELEASED!

grOw/cOmic 6:
Issue 6: “Plot Twists

Connie and Dan are going at it strong; but what happens when they finish? Lidiya and Karisha make new plans to steal Dan back. And poor Gwen is caught in the middle, surrounded by growing boobs so much larger than her own. Everyone's destiny is about to take a surprising turn!

Breast Expansion
– huge, very Huge, Wow!  
Nipple expansion

Balls expansion 
Sexual situations
(MF, FF)
growth: chemical

Coming out 10 years after the release of the first grOw/cOmic (July 2005), "Milking the Plot" is a sequel to "Milk Farm", celebrating the anniversary of the first, internet BE cOmic!

grOw/cOmic 6, issue 6 features:
  • 18 full-color pages along with 2 cover versions.
  • Part 6 of a new 8-part series.
Available in either Premium or Standard Versions!
  • PREMIUM Versions: For only $1.45 more, this version is 50% higher resolution (2700 x 3525 pixels); a separate ART-only version (which has all 18 pages with text or narration boxes removed); and also contains 14 pages in pencil sketch form.
  • Standard Versions: Standard resolution (1800 x 2350 px) and only 5 art-only pages in the Appendix. 
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Issue 6: MAYBE today! Stay tuned!

I've been working hard, and the cover to issue 7 (as a preview at the end of issue 6) went surprising quick and smooth.   I might be able to released grOw/cOmic#6, issue 6 ("Plot Twists") TODAY!   Stay tuned... I hope to release or know if it won't happen by 6pm EST today....

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

grOw/cOmic#6, page 110 completed! Final issue 6 page!

I just completed the final page of issue 6 ("Plot Twists") to grOw/cOmic#6! Page 110 is now done, and it's time to go into the final production phase before release.  There is still a lot of work to be done, including conceptualizing, drawing, inking and painting the cover to issue 7.  Then, there is prufreeding proofreading and the inevitable corrections;  creating the 3 PDFs (standard, premium, art-only); creating the graphics for the website; and programing the store for all the new products. Don't expect all of this to be done before the weekend. I would be patient and watch for release notifications which could be as early as Monday!  Hang in there!

Monday, April 11, 2016

grOw/cOmic#6, page 109 completed — only 1 to go!

The penultimate page of issue 6 of grOw/cOmic#6 has been completed.  Page 109 is the next to last page in this issue, titled "Plot Twists." Just 1 more page (plus the cover to issue 7) to go!  Hang in there!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

grOw/cOmic#6, page 108 completed!

Making up for lost time, I was able to complete page 108 just one day after page 107.  Of course, it helped that the last page was done by noon, giving me a half-day head start on this latest one. What also helped is that this page had less details. That's not to say it's a boring page, it just has less heavy special effects, less facial close-ups, and less difficult background/character interaction. Only 2 more pages to go (and the cover to issue 7, which appears as a preview at issue's end).

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

grOw/cOmic#6, page 107 completed! 3 to go!

Well, I got back from my trip a few days sooner than planned (long story, nothing bad, just some plans fell through). So, instead of only starting on a new page today, I was able to finish and post a preview of one — page 107.  This leaves only 3 more pages left!  The previews will begin to get even more vague so as not to give away any spoilers. Hang in there!