Friday, May 23, 2014

grow/stOry#17: "Voluntary Response", 7 of 19 illustrations completed!

Wow! I hadn't realized it had been so long since my last post. But don't worry, this just means I've been so busy on the next 2 projects that I had forgotten to make an update.

The next release will be grOw/stOry#17, which has been titled "Voluntary Response". This one will be a brand new stOry, and not a rewrite of an old E.L. Publication "Tremendous Tit Tales" as has been the case for all previous releases.  This one was written by Mr. B. and is another chapter in his series of BE stories that started with "Volunteers", which was released on the net some time ago (but can still be found).  You don't need to read the previous releases to follow this one, as the main characters are new to this chapter and any reoccurring characters or back story needed are revisited.  Mr. B. is also known as the author or grOw/stOries "The B.E. InsTITute" and "BEaver Lake Summer Camp."

This new stOry will feature breast expansion (big, huge, WOW!) and lactation and run about 22,000 words long.

Enjoy the first 2 previews!

The following release will come on the heels of this one, and will be grOw/stOry#18 and is called "Outgrowing Denise". Also a brand new stOry and not tied to an old E.L. Publication release, this one was written by Tristan Langley (aka "Longbow9") who is known for grOw/stOry#15 "Succubus" and his ongoing series at LPSG, "Medicine Show". This approximately 22,000-word stOry has just been completed by the author and I will be able to jump into the illustrations immediately following the release of "Voluntary Response."  "Outgrowing Denise" features breast expansion, ass expansion, some steamy lesbian scenes, as well as multiple growth subjects. It's a wild ride of womanly expansion! 

AND, after these two, will come the next grOw/cOmic series, currently untitled. When "Outgrowing Denise" has been completed and released, I will continue working on the script and then laying the pages of this 6-part cOmic series. Currently, the script is written to nearly cover the first 4 issues. This series will return to the world of a previously released grOw/cOmic, but with new characters!