Friday, March 31, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode II -- 68 of 82 frames complete!

There are now 68 of 82 of Episode II of grOw/cinema now finished! Actually, I was hoping to have up to frame 70 done by end of today. 

Unfortunately, at about 3pm today, while working on the drawing for frame 69, my Wacom Cintiq's pen broke!  Doh!  While brushing some lint off of the handle, the back part suddenly came off in my hand. Then, I couldn't slide the casing and exposed electronics back in. Then, a few pieces came off near the switch. At this point, it was useless to continue. I immediately purchased a new pen online from Wacom, and spent a premium 2-3 day shipping cost. This would avoid up to a 4-7 business day delivery... which would have meant up to a week and half! And with the company being on the opposite coast from me, it would be the full 7 business days. So, hopefully, it will come mid-next week.

If this hadn't had happened, I could have easily finished 2 more frames. I will also lose a few days of work next week waiting for the new pen's arrival. But I will try to see if I can use the time to work on the backgrounds for the rest of the frames (I don't need the Cintiq for this). I may even try to begin the website updates for the release when this Episode is complete.

Hang in there!  Only 14 frames to go after the new pen arrives!

Friday, March 24, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode II now 57% completed!

We are well into the second half of Episode II with another 16 frames completed this week. This is a pretty good number considering the amount of overlapping characters, special liquid effects, and the fact of having to create a new setting for our characters. 47 frames out of 82 are now done. I really enjoyed working on these last number of images as there was definitely some real "flesh sculpting" going on.  ;)  Enjoy the preview!

Friday, March 17, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode II, 38% done

It was slower going this past week than I had hoped, but I was able to complete up to frame 31 out of 82 for Episode II of grOw/cinema. A combination of "real life" work as well as more complicated frames (interacting and overlapping characters as well as matching up to 3D-rendered backgrounds) were the biggest causes. The extra work on the frames takes more time, but the results are great!  Hoping for a more prolific production schedule next week!

Friday, March 10, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode II underway!

Episode II of grOw/cinema is well underway, with full script written and the first 17 frames completed! This issue is about as long as extended Episode I, at 80 frames. With 17 frames drawn and colored, this episode is just over 20% done! I had some "real life" work this past few weeks, or I would have had more done. But I am hoping this won't be the case over the next few weeks.