Thursday, July 31, 2008

grOw/cOmic#3: drawing updates

August 1, 2008: 6 more pages drawn — pages 43-48! Page 48 is the last page of issue 3. I have also rewritten the opening of issue 4 (page 49), and planned out the one-frame intro page.

July 31, 2008:Another 5 pages completed today. The pencil drawing of pages 38-42 have been completed !

July 30, 2008: the pencil drawing of pages 33-37 have been completed !

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

grOw/cOmic#3: pencil stage half done!

I've made great progress in the pencil drawing stage for grOw/cOmic#3. The "half done" in the title above does not mean half way through only the first issue, but half way through the whole series! I am attempting to do ALL the drawing in one fell swoop. This is for many reasons, with the main issue being to keep consistency. If there is a 2 month break while I ink one issue, and then go back to drawing the same characters, I find it sometimes difficult (at first) to reacquaint myself with each character's distinct features. In the end, this method will also keep time between issues down, as I can jump right into inking the next one.

grOw#3 will be titled "An Inconvenient Growth". This series will be a deep exploration of "B.E." The series will be 4 issues long for a total of about 64 pages. Growth will be steady across all 4 issues, and will involve all sorts of "BE sub-genres": growth, tight clothing, buttons bursting, bra breaking, heightened sensitivity, desire and fear of growth, growth while asleep and awake, tight spaces due to growth, "voyeristic-like" scenes during growth. And with a 4-issue span, the growth will take us through many stages of breast size — something for everyone. There will also be a number of plot twists to move the story along: plans gone wrong, mysterious reasons for growth, infatuation and lust, jealousy and desire, friendship and love, tension and release, and even fear and a touch of danger. Unlike grOw#2, the story focuses on 2 main characters (with a few minor characters along the way), who you will really get to know, experiencing their feelings, desires, and interactions both during the BE and non-BE scenes.

I am starting to draw page 33 now. Depending on my workload, I have been producing 1 page, to as many as 5 pages, a day. Once the pencil stage is complete and scanned in, I will begin the ink and color stage. During this part, I will post updates (and mini-previews) as each page is complete, as I did before during grOw/cOmic#2: H2grOw.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Up and Coming...

So, what's next on the line-up, you ask? A few things, actually...

I just finished writing and planning out the entire story for the grOw/cOmic#3: aninconvenientgrowth . The planning includes drawing a little thumbnail sketch of each page, designing the frame set-up and the roughly sketching each frame. Click the preview at right to see one.

Also, I am working on grOw/stOry#10, which will be released with a new name. The tenth grOw/stOry will be a reworking of the old E.L. Publication's Tremendous Tit Tale "Lacula". I currently have a writer who is working on extending the story way past the ending of the original, along with more BE scenes!
This stOry has been put on indefinite hold due to lost communication with the writer I had doing the rewrite. When work resumes, I will be making a new Blog entry.

I am not sure which will be released first, yet. The cOmic takes a long time, as there are many more drawings and backgrounds. I may release the grOw/stOry first, due to this reason. But this still is yet to be determined.

As we enter the summer season, my "real life" work tends to slow down. While not guaranteed, this is usually the case. Thus, I am hoping to make a lot of progress in the next 2 months. In fact, grOw/cOmic#3 was written and planned in less than 2 weeks time, which is very good.