Tuesday, September 28, 2010

grOw/cOmic#4, issue 3 Released!

grOwing Desires
Chapter 3: "Don't be shy over spilled milk."
18 color pages, 2 cover versions, and 3 image-only pages in the Appendix.

Having narrowly escaped two growing girls that evening, Jon barely made it back to his girlfriend's dorm room when he ran into a third — MaryBeth. This time, the dorm-mate's breasts were growing, her ass and hips were filling out, and her breasts had started to give milk.

His previous two run-ins with the expanding women tested the limits of his forbearance against the mysterious, preternatural lust that was overtaking everyone. But his resistance was finally shattered by this third encounter. And Jon was determined to milk the situation for all its worth.

Includes 3 bonus pages in the Appendix that are text-less, images-only reproductions of the best 3 pages.

Category: Breast Expansion (unknown: big, huge, wow), lactation, ass/hip expansion, PE

Friday, September 24, 2010

GC#4, last page of issue 3 completed!

Well, I wasn't sure it was going to possible — in fact, I really believed it would not be — but I decided to work later since I was so close, and finally completed page 54. This is the last page of issue 3! Now, all I have to do is ink and color the cover to issue 4 (which will appear at the end), do a full proofread and make any corrections, make the PDF, and then set up the store, and we have a release! Release day all depends on if I get killed with "real life" work early next week (which is a possibility), but I am hoping between Monday and Wednesday. The next new post here will be for the release of grOw/cOmic#4, issue 3, "Don't Be Shy Over Spilled Milk"! All... most... there!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GC#4, page 53 complete!

The next to last page of issue 3, page 53, has been completed! We've only got one more page to go, and the cover to issue 4 (which will be shown as a sneak preview at the end of issue 3). When these are completed, a last run-through and proofreading will be done and the final PDF will be created.

I am hoping to have a release by end of next week. I know this sounds far away with how little work is left, but "RL work" is rearing its head, and it may slow things down considerably. It's too early to tell for sure. Who knows. We could be lucky enough to have a release by week's beginning! Cross your fingers. In the meantime, enjoy the preview!

Monday, September 20, 2010

GC#4, page 52 complete!

And here I thought page 52 was straightforward enough to be completed in 1 day (last Friday). Nope. While it may have been possible, as usual, a few work-related jobs jumped up out of nowhere, and took most of my time that day. Even more work came up today, but I was just just able to finish the page before day's end. The effects nearly caused an extra day, as what I once thought was going to be an easy page (based on the pencil drawing), turned into a texture- and effect-heavy page — two items which are not apparent on the pencil drawing, since they are added after inking and coloring.

Only 2 more pages and the cover to issue 4 to go! Hang in there!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

GC#4, page 51 complete!

With another round of massive splatterings and detail, page 51 is now complete! Thank goodness I learned the ins and outs of Photoshop's Brushes Palette to produce effects like these, or else the last few pages would have been impossible achieve. We're down to 3 more pages, and the cover to issue 4! Hang in there!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

GC#4, page 50 complete!

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pull this off, but I was able to finish page 50 just 1 day after that last update. It helped that I finished page 49 early in the day, so that I could start on the new page soon after. Today was filled with a bunch of new "rl" projects that slowed me down a bit. In addition, as you will see by the preview, there were plenty of effects and detail on this page. However, I was able to wrap this new page up by the end of the day. Only four more pages to go, plus the cover of issue 4 (which is already pencil drawn and waiting for ink and coloring).

Monday, September 13, 2010

GC#4, page 49 and other info

I almost had page 49 complete this past Friday, but there just was not enough time to finish up the effects. I am making decent progress in this last third of the issue, with a few bumps slowing me down. Mostly the usual, but some are more annoying (see below). Again, the last few pages have "special Photoshop effects" that may take a little more time for each page.

I want to take this opportunity to once again thank all those who support my efforts and purchase grOw. Without your support, there is no way I could afford the time it takes to put into the cOmics and stOries! You keep supporting, I'll keep drawing — for years or even decades to come!

I also want to thank those who have helped notify me when they find illegal sharing of my works, so I can put a stop to it. I've followed up on all links I find. Following up on some links this past Friday was what slowed me down and caused me not to finish page 49 until today.

I also want to clarify the "credit card theft" I mentioned in my last post. The credit card in question was NOT stolen via my website. It was stolen before, and then purchases were made using it. My website is, and always has been, secure. It is hosted by a professional company, and all transactions are processed by CyberSource, another high-end professional credit card processor.

Enjoy the preview!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

GC#4, page 48 complete!

It's been a few days, but page 48 is now finally complete. The work on this page did take longer than the previous few weeks' quicker production rate due to a number of factors: hurricane preparations (which luckily were not needed -- but it was a very close one), the Labor Day holiday, some "RL" work that cropped up this week, an annoying few hours dealing with a stolen credit card used to purchase grOw*, and just a slew of effects, filters, detail, and motion blurs that had to be applied to this page. Some more of the same effects will need to be applied to the next few pages, so these will take a little more time — but the effects will be worth it! Enjoy the preview!

(*I am on to you, Josh, and you've already received an email from me! Don't think I won't follow through on this.)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

GC#4, page 47 complete — just before Earl

Working quite hard over the last 2 days, I have finally finished page 47. Ripe with a plethora of effects and detail, this page took a hell of a lot more work than I had anticipated. Just looking at the Photoshop file confirms this, with 87 layers total. Panel 2 — which this preview is from — was 23 layers alone, and took me about 5-6 hours to complete. Luckily, Hurricane Earl is looking to just brush my area (tropical storm strength, 2-3 inches rain, 30-50 mph winds), and thus, my storm-prep time was kept down, allowing more time for "grOw"!

Enjoy the preview! I am also including an updated "issue map", which I have reformatted so as to portray the "halfway" mark more legibly.