Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Site is back up

Update: The site and server are back up. If you had trouble accessing the site this weekend (Apr 19-20) , read below.

My Host is undergoing a huge server move. In fact, they are switching to another city. According to them, expected downtimes will be from Saturday April 19th 12noon (PST) to Sunday April 20th, 2am PST. I also have no access to the system during this time either. If you have an order concern, email me and I will get on it after the server comes back up.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

grOw/stOries #8 and #9 in production

It's been a while since I had the chance to update. But now that I've survived a more than month-long rollercoaster of personal set-backs, busy business deadlines, and the dreaded tax man, I am moving forward strongly again. Not to say that work hasn't been done during that time.

The next 2 grOw/stOries were being rewritten, either in part or in large chunks. The next two stOries to come out either needed a face-lift, more description, or even brand new BE scenes to bring the stOry up to the level of current BE fans. These additional 2 stOries will complete the normal group of 3 stOries I usually release at a time.

grOw/stOry #8 will be "Pleasure Unit X from Outer Space". Those who know the original E.L. Publications book will note that the original title used "Unit 9", instead of the roman numeral ten. There was so much reworking of the key BE scenes in this one that I felt the "unit" required an "upgrade." ;D The text and book layout are finished. The pencil drawing stage of this stOry is now complete, and it is going into the ink and color stage.

grOw/stOry #9 will be "Sizing Up the CompeTITion" (formerly known as "Rechested Nurses"). Storyline was added to this one to flesh out the character motives. Also, a new twist has been added to the ending. The text is laid out, and the illustrations have been "thumbnail sketched" (small sketches that are the planning stage of the final drawings).