Friday, September 30, 2011

GS#13, 15 of 16 illustrations completed!

I know it's been a longer while since the last post than my usual once-per-week schedule that I've been more or less keeping for the current upcoming release. "RL" work came back with a quick flurry — it's amazing how often it goes from quiet to suddenly every client coming out of the woodwork all at once. However, I've still been working on the latest grOw/stOry through it all.  I have completed 15 of the 16 illustrations so far, and made decent progress on the 16th today as well.  I still need to do some rewriting and proofreading of the stOry, so this release won't be ready immediately after the last illustration is done. However, we are getting very close indeed to the release of the first grOw/stOry since December 2009. (Wow!  Has it been that long?  I guess the last 6-issue grOw/cOmic series took a while!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

GS#13 — 11 of 16 illustrations completed!

Last week was a slow week, in terms of production on grOw/stOry#13, "New mOOns Rising", which was due to a number of factors. After a long quiet time, "RL" work reared its head, with lots of technical issues that I needed to resolve. In addition, I spent some time in my continuing search for a new host for my store — something more stable, modern, and easy to use.

But on the grOw/stOry side, it was "slow" due to the incredible detail that was needed in the backgrounds of the last few illustrations. Unlike the cOmics, it didn't make sense to take the time to build these backgrounds in some 3D program, as they would not be used more than a few times, and I actually needed many more than just 1 or 2 backgrounds. For example, the last illustration I just completed is a 2-page spread, and the background of a "upper-class" hotel room (albeit, in outer space) was needed. Details in the fabric walls, wood grain, and lighting needed to reflect this ambience. On that note, this illustration is just one of three 2-page spread illustrations that appear in this stOry!

Enjoy the preview!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

grOw/stOry#13: 9 of 16 illustrations complete!

A week has passed since my last update, and I am now over half done with the 16 illustrations for the new grOw/stOry #13, "New mOOns Rising"Nine of the full-page images are now complete in their full-color splendor. I am making quite good progress on the art. However, I still need to rework the story a bit, so I may not be ready for release immediately after completing the illustrations. If this does turn out to be the case, it should not be long after.  In the meanwhile, enjoy the new preview!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

GS#13, 5 of 16 illustrations completed!

After a slight "weather delay", I was able to continue working on grOw/stOry#13, "New mOOns Rising", and made great progress.  Right now, I have just completed 5 of the 16 illustrations in the book — nearly 1/3 of them. As mentioned earlier, I will only be showing a few previews of the illustrations, since there are so many fewer images than a cOmic (16 compared to about 90) — show a preview for each would give too much away.  :)   Enjoy!