Thursday, August 28, 2008

grOw/cOmic#3, page 5 complete!

This was a very complicated page, so it took a while. I was hoping to post this last night, but just couldn't finish it. The page has 9 panels, each with a complicated background and subject (the truck and bus). Yes, 9 panels is a lot, but its a progressive sequence. I think it came out quite nicely, and flows smoothly even though there are so many frames. You can see a small example of the details that took so long here. There were also other frames of people close-ups as well. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

grOw/cOmic#3 page 4 complete!

Page 4 has been completed. Things have been moving slowly on the "grOw front", but there are moving along. Hopefully soon, I will be able to make more steady progress. This page took a little extra time just because of the details in it — many new backgrounds had to be created, as well as special "flash-back" effects. Enjoy the preview!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

grOw/cOmic#3: page 3 complete!

Page 3 of "An Inconvenient Growth" has been completed. A sneak peak at it can be seen by clicking on the small thumbnail to the right. I know progress has been slow, after a great productive start. "Real life" work has been eating up my time greatly for the past 2 weeks, and may continue to do so for another 2 weeks. Here and there, when there is a break, I've been jumping over to work on grOw. Hang in there — as busy work loads like I'm going through now can dry up as fast as they appear. Maybe one day, if I get enough support for grOw, I can do it full time and not worry about issues like this. And if that were to happen, issues would be coming much faster! So help out and support grOw!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So, where are the updates?

Yes, the last 2 weeks have been hectic to no end — between home life, work, and all around "stuff". Some family had stayed with us, prevented me from drawing many pages this week (I need to spread out on my drawing board, with sketches and references... something that I can't hide easily). However, is was able to get some work done, including the inking and coloring of the first 2 pages of grOw/cOmic#3 (which, due to the angle that my computer faces, can be hidden in an instant if need be).

For pencil drawing, pages 49 and part of 50 have been completed. Page 49 took some extra time, as it is the opening page to the last Chapter, and it needed some rework in layout and text revisions.

For ink and coloring, pages 1 and 2 have been completed! You can get a glimpse of them by clicking on the two previews to the right.