Friday, September 13, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep.XIV, has begun!

It's been 10 days since the release of Episode XIII, "Mass Dens-titty". In that time, I've made great progress on the next issue. The first draft of the script has been written, and will be refined as the art is produced. Right now, it's coming in at about 70 frames. I haven't decided if I will add more or not just yet. I have also created (from scratch) the new 3D model for the background, which will be used in most of the issue — the cheerleaders' locker room. You can see some previews of the background here. 

Next week, the art begins, so watch this space for new previews!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

grOw/cinema, Episode XIII -- RELEASED!

"The Ever-Expanding Universe"

Episode XIII:
Mass Dens-titty

70-frame issue!

Get it now at

Episode Synopsis:
Heidi stands awe-struck at the sight before her. On the ground at her feet is Carl and his magical member, which is now 4 times longer as he is tall. Drooling, and with tears of joy running down her cheeks, Heidi is overcome by her size-queen desires to the point of madness. These desires — which increase proportionally to the size of Carl's boner — were now 14 times stronger than normal.


Breast Expansion (Huge!, Wow!, DAAAYYUM!)
miniGTS (up to 12 ft / 3.7m)
Huge Penis
Giant breasts and nipples
Cum-induced growths

Belly inflation (due to cum-inflation)Personality alteration, Reality alteration
Strong sexual situations 

Downloadable PDF file. Part 13 of an on-going series. 78 pages, 70 image frames plus cover poster. Released Sept. 3, 2019.

What is "grOw/cinema" ?
n exciting, episodic series drawn in the style of a big-screen movie. See the 2 page samples above to get a glimpse of this new style of comic.

grOw/cinemaEpisode XIII features:
  • 70 full-color frames along with cover poster.
  • Part 13 of the new on-going series.
Haven't bought grOw/cinema yet?  Now's the time to get the whole series at a great SALE price!
  • Get all 13 issues (1027 full-screen frames) for $40.40 off the normal, full, separate-issue price with coupon code cin1340(Coupon expires Sept 17, 2019.)(Coupon is good for an extra $20.00 off the normal Collection price for a total of $40.40 off the regular price!)
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Also, check out the updated News and FAQ page for updates to the latest SALES items!

Friday, August 30, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep.XIII Completed! Release early next week!

WHEW! It's been a rough week. There were so many delays that sapped my time (from "real life" work, to unforeseen "real life" obligations, to computer and software issues, email server problems that I still have to fix, you name it). Because of all of this, there is no way I will be able to complete the issue by tomorrow. And with plans for this 3-day holiday weekend, I will not be able to release the issue until next week, most likely Tues Sep 3 or Wed Sep 4. Hang in there!  

(And, I normally don't show the cover until release, but here is a small, cropped preview of the cover art since it will be a few days later than expected.)

Friday, August 23, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep.XIII, frame 64 completed!

I made pretty good progress this week, getting another 11 frames (up to frame 64) completed for Episode XIII of grOw/cinema! Considering the amount of detail in these frames, I am very happy with this result.

Hang in there! I am hoping that I can have a release by Fri., Aug 30, but that date is NOT yet set in stone. I have 6 more frames, cover art, PDF creation, website art, and website & ecommerce programming to set up to do before a release. That's a tall order for 5 days (4 days, if you want a Friday morning release). It's possible — it all depends on how much work needs to go into the last frames, if any "real life" work pops up, or any other delays happen.

Cross your fingers!

Friday, August 16, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep.XIII, frame 53 completed!

It was another busy week, with a combination of "real life" work, Patreon projects, and grOw/cinema production packing my schedule.  On the grOw/cinema front, the last few frames have been incredibly detailed. Some of the last few, took about two-thirds a day each to complete (I've had 3, 4 or sometimes 5 frames done per day on occassion)! So many characters, clothing pieces, overlapping items — all of which takes more time to select and paint individually.  On top of that, a lot of overlapping shadows and liquid effects were needed as well! Whew!

Hang in there! We are past the 75% mark with 53 of 70 frames done! 

Friday, August 9, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XIII frame 47 complete!

Still working hard on Episode XIII of grOw/cinema, even though other "real life" work — as well as some software/OS issues that sucked up a couple of hours to fix — was trying to slow me down this week. I was able to complete 9 new frames, and made great progress on a 10th.

How was last weekend, you ask? Amazing! So much fun with Damora, hubby Grievance, a couple of MaxGrowth guys, and 4000ml of saline. ;D Fun time was had shoting the breeze, talking shop, eating, drinking, and infusing. What an experience watching Damora and my wife side-by-side doing a breast saline infusion, 2000ml each (1000ml per boob). Results? WOW.

Friday, August 2, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XIII frame 38 complete!

It was a busy week — busy in real life, and busy with grOw!  Had some "real life" work pop-up that was of the "emergency sort" that took some hours in the early part of the week. And, I am taking off today for a long weekend (more on that later). In terms of grOw/cinema, some very detailed frames were worked on this week, between multiple characters, liquid effects, and the building frames with many multiple layers so that I could construct a "detailed movement sequence" with the current frames. Up to frame 38 done, and much work done on frames 39 and 40.

Now for the weekend, I am about to head out with my wife, Juliekat, and meet up with Demora and hubby, as well as some peeps from MaxGrowth Productions for a fun-filled expansion weekend! See you on the far side!

Friday, July 26, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XIII, frame 31 complete!

Another busy week, with work on grOw/cinema, real life work, Patreon work, etc. etc. On top of that, the frames I worked on this week were quite detailed once again, with many characters overlapping (as you can partial see from this preview, which is only about 14% of the full frame). This takes a lot more time, up to 2 or 3 times as much on average. I finished up to frame 31, and made great progess on frame 32. We are now 45% done with the issue!

Friday, July 19, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XIII, frame 23 complete!

It was a busy week, with some "real life" happenings, and "real life" work taking up some important work time. Also, working on extra-detailed frames (due to multiple characters in a single shot) int the last few frames, only resulted in 8 completed frames this week. While the frame count was slightly lower, the detail and work nearly matched the usual amount per week. With 23 frames done, we are now at the one-third mark!

(Need more previews? Become a Patron and get a preview of each frame of grOw/cinema as they are completed!)

Friday, July 12, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XIII, frame 15 completed!

Considering all the things that went on this week — working on my new Patreon page, "RL" work, "RL" events — I was able to make great progress on the next issue of grOw/cinema this week by completing 13 more frames! Like Heidi's breasts here in the preview, this is big news!  ;) With 15 frames done, we are past the 20% mark of the next issue.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep.XIII begins! First 2 frames completed!

I meant to post this last Friday, but I wanted to give my Patreon post more "top of the page" time.

Here is a preview form the first few frames of grOw/cinema, Episode XIII. Work on the latest issue is in full swing, with lines being drawn, backgrounds being rendered, airbrushes sculpting, and dialogue being typeset. Get ready for more previews in the coming weeks!

(And if one per week is not enough, check out my Patreon page where you can see a preview of EVERY page if you become a Patron!)

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

grOw/patreOn launches!


A new way to see new, monthly BustArtist art !

including a chance to request
a free Commission by me!

Patreon link :

New Artwork, sketches, sequences, and process videos !
• 5 tiers of patronage and Rewards!
A chance to request a Free single-character Commission each month!
• Vote on artwork! Suggest new images!
• See Works in Progress ("WIP")!

• Earn $2 or $5 coupon codes for!
• Watch speed process videos on the creation of artwork!
• See more in-production grOw previews!

• Support my work to keep grOw coming and coming!

The time in between grOw releases can be long, depending on the length and complexity of each issue.  My new Patreon page will help me continue to pay the bills more efficiently in between those times. And it means some more of my artwork on a regular basis for you!  There's even a chance to win a Commission from me (single-character), including those "themes" that you don't usually see drawn by me in grOw! (Details to come...)

Will my usual grOw series releases still continue?  Definitely!  Will this new Patreon page add more time in-between grOw releases?  Only a small amount. I've planned ahead and will be extending my work hours, as well as crafted out an efficient work plan to get Patreon awards out with minimal impact on grOw at!

Help support me on my new Patreon page!
Go there now to see FREE sample artwork, sketches, and video without having to join yet!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Work on grOw/cinema, Episode XIII underway! Annnd... something else.

For the last 2 weeks since the last release, I've been busy on many grOw fronts. Just a few minutes ago, I completed the initial script AND the full set of storyboards for the next issue of grOw/cinema, which will be Episode XIII. It is coming in around 66-70 frames again, so not too long, and not too short. I hope to start color previews next week!

I have also been working on another secret BustArtist project, creating brand new pieces for an exciting opportunity. When it begins, it will be concurrent with the release of new grOw issues. Details on this will be coming soon. I hope you will support me when it does! :-)

Stay tuned for more information!

Friday, June 14, 2019

grOw/cinema, Episode XII -- RELEASED!

"The Ever-Expanding Universe"

Episode XII:
The Pillar of Fornication

70-frame issue!

Get it now at

Episode Synopsis:
Heidi is craving Carl and his famous appendage, even it's right there on the University's Common. The newly-grown giantesses, Vera and Professor Hiroto -- now resting from their explosive, cafeteria-crushing growth -- are still being drawn to the same flesh pole as well. However, all three women are about to get way more than they ever expected.

miniGTS (12+ ft / 3.7m)
(12 – 110ft / 3.7 – 33.5m)
Sex with Giantesses
Breast Expansion (big, huge, Huge!)
Penis expansion (huge, Huge!, Wow)
Giant breasts and nipples
Giant vag and clit


Cum-induced growths

Personality alteration, Reality alteration
Strong sexual situations 
(mF, mFF)

Downloadable PDF file. Part 12 of an on-going series. 77 pages, 70 image frames plus cover poster. Released June 14, 2019.

What is "grOw/cinema" ?
n exciting, episodic series drawn in the style of a big-screen movie. See the 2 page samples above to get a glimpse of this new style of comic.

grOw/cinemaEpisode XII features:
  • 70 full-color frames along with cover poster.
  • Part 12 of the new on-going series.
Haven't bought grOw/cinema yet?  Now's the time to get the whole series at a great SALE price!
  • Get all 12 issues (958 full-screen frames) for $30.45 off the normal, full, separate-issue price with coupon code cin1230(Coupon expires June 28, 2019.)(Coupon is good for an extra $16.45 off the normal sale price of $14 off normal price if purchased issues separately for a total of $30.45 off the regular price!)
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Also, check out the updated News and FAQ page for updates to the latest SALES items!

Friday, June 7, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep.XII frame 69 completed! Release next week!

I was able to complete 13 frames this week, finishing up to frame 69! Whoot! There is just 1 more frame and the cover to complete in term so art for this issue. So, this will be the last preview and post until the issue is ready for release, next week. There is still a lot to do, so don't look for it in the early half of the week. I still have to: do the work above; proofread the issue a few times; fix the errors that always come up (either text or art); the art for the website and promotional images; the website programming; as well as set-up the online store, etc.

Episode XII will feature breast expansion (Huge, and "relatively wow"); penis expansion (big, huge, WOW!); miniGTS and GTS (up to 110 ft / 33.5 m); sex with miniGTS; sex with GTS; insertion; giant breasts and nipples; giant vag and clit; cum-induced growths; lactation; MILF.

Hang in there!  We're aaaaalmost there!

Friday, May 31, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XII, frame 56 completed!

I was able to finish up to frame 56 this week, leaving only 14 more frames to go! Yes, I added one more frame for a total of 70 this issue. I felt it was for the best, as I took one particular "motion blurred" image and turned it into a 2-panel "motion sequence".  

Speaking of which, have you seen other of these motion sequences throughout grOw/cinema?  You can see the "arrow hints" at the top and bottom of the pages they occur on. Some are sequential (such as growing bigger and bigger) and the arrows will show "forward" and a "stop" icon on the last image of the sequence. Other motion sequences are "cyclical", such as two characters having sex. Here, you will see 2 arrows facing each other ( --> <-- ). Here, you can flip back and forth between the pages to see a simulated back-and-forth motion. Note: these sequences work best in a PDF viewer app that allows "instant" page turning, and not on mobile in which you usually simply "scroll" to the next page. Try it on your desktop, using Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe) and use your keyboard arrow keys to turn the pages.
I also just realized that I didn't post last week's preview here at the blog last Friday. I had intended to keep the Summer Sale post at top for a few extra days before doing so, but had forgotten to follow-up. I DID post it to both Twitter and my DeviantArt pages. But, here it is...

Hang in there! We are getting closer!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Friday, May 17, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XII, frame 36 complete!

I am amazed that I was able to get 10 full frames done this week with the amount of detail required for the last number of frames. Part of what helped is that half of these frames are a part of sequence, with some items not changing. However, many frames contain multiple characters — as many as 10 full-bodied and -detailed people — which takes a lot more time that that average frame. I think I did enough work for 16-18 frames. Whew!

Friday, May 10, 2019

grOw/cinema, frame 26 completed!

In terms of frame count, it may seem that not a lot of progress was made this week. But that can't be further from the truth.  The 7 frames I finished this week each required LOTS of work. For one, the story has transitioned to a new scene, required me to create it in my 3D program (from scratch). Also, many of these frames contain a lot of new characters — one frame even showing 9 people. The more people, faces, and detailed clothing in a frame, the more time it takes to create. One frame took an entire day (in comparison, I can get up to 3+ frames done in the same time, depending on the complexity). In the end, I easily did the work of 13-15 frames. So, we're still on track!

Monday, May 6, 2019

grOw/cinema, frame 19 completed!

A little later than my usual Friday update:

Frame 19 of grOw/cinema, Episode XII, has been completed. "Real life" work, as well as "real life", slowed down production this past week, causing a result of a couple of frames fewer than I had hoped. But, the amount of characters per frame, special effect details, and extra work on getting the right "camera angle" also took more time, so, these delays just made the issue better.  ;-) 
To make up for the delays, I am posting a slightly more juicy preview.

Friday, April 26, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XII, frame 10 completed!

A little less than I had hoped, but I was able complete 9 more frames this week to bring the total done to 10. Some "real life" work chewed up some of my valuable work time, but I got that job out of the way as soon as I could. Enjoy the preview!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Work on grOw/cinema, Ep. XII begins!

It's been about 2 weeks since the release of Episode XI, and after taking some time to work on some "real life work", I dove into the next chapter of grOw/cinema. In that time, I've written the initial draft (as well as a revised version with a new ending that I am going forward with); sketched out all the panels in storyboard format; and even completed the first frame! Right now, the chapter will have 69 frames again (it was going to be between 65 and 72 frames, and just wound up that way. Honest!). So buckle up as we enter the count down to release once again!  The working title (and, most likely, the final title) is "A Parent Mag-TIT-tude", a play off the cosmological term, apparent magnitude  "The Pillar of Fornication", a play off the cosmological term, The Pillar of Creation.

(*Note: this entry takes the place of my usual Friday update since I will be away with family this weekend.)

Friday, April 5, 2019

grOw/cinema, Episode XI -- RELEASED!

"The Ever-Expanding Universe"

Episode XI:
Planetoid Collisions

69-frame issue!

Episode Synopsis:
Professor Emi Hiroto had looked on while Carl, Professor Anzo, and Vera had their fun. Having sat on the sidelines, she is now desperate for help in alleviating the growing bloatedness of her breasts and her raging libido.

Breast Expansion 
(big, huge, Huge!)
 (12+ ft / 3.7m)
(12 – 100ft / 3.7 – 30m)
Giantess growth
Building destruction
Penis expansion 
(huge, Huge!, Wow)
Giant clitoris
Cum-induced growths
Tight/tearing clothing/bra

Personality alteration, Reality alteration
Strong sexual situations 
(mF, FF, mFF)

Downloadable PDF file. Part 11 of an on-going series. 75 pages, 69 image frames plus cover poster. Released April 5, 2019.

What is "grOw/cinema" ?
n exciting, episodic series drawn in the style of a big-screen movie. See the 2 page samples above to get a glimpse of this new style of comic.

grOw/cinemaEpisode XI features:
  • 69 full-color frames along with cover poster.
  • Part 11 of the new on-going series.
Haven't bought grOw/cinema yet?  Now's the time to get the whole series at a great SALE price!
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  • Get all 11 Episodes — all 887 full-screen frames!  
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Also, check out the updated News and FAQ page for updates to the latest SALES items!

Monday, April 1, 2019

grOw/cinema, Episode XI 99% complete, release soon!

I had hoped to complete Episode XI today, but the last 2 frames were just too detailed. So much destruction, background details, camera-angle experiments, etc. etc. But I am more than halfway through the last frame to make a "release imminent" announcement. I just have to finish frame 69; the cover poster; proofread (1st round done tonight by my lovely wife); create the final PDF; work on the website programming and images; and set-up the store. I am highly confident release to be this week, with a target date of Fri., April 5th.

Episode XI, "Planetoid Collisions", will feature: Breast Expansion, Lactation, Penis Expansion, miniGTS and Giantess, giantess growth, building destruction, clothing and bra tearing, cum-induced growths, some breast smothering, strong sexual situations (mF, mFF, FF)

Friday, March 22, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XI, frame 56 completed!

I made very good progress this week, completing another 12 frames since last Friday with the finishing of frame 56. I also worked on refining the script and adding a more frames. Right now, the story will span 69 frames (up from the original 54-55 frames of the initial version). I was hoping for a few more frames, but considering the other work I had to do, some "real life" work, the amount of details of these new 12 frames (including overlapping bodies, liquid effects, and time to set-up cool camera angles), I am very happy with the results of this week's endeavors.

With creating 14 more frames, the cover art, the website graphics, and store programming, it is possible that we may have a release 2 weeks from now. I will have a better feeling next Friday. Hopefully, I will not have similar slowdowns as I've had over the past month or so.

Hang in there!

**Edited:  Changed 70 frames to 69. I miscounted.  :)

Saturday, March 16, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep.XI, frame 44 complete!

Better late than never!  :-)

In terms of the number of newly completed frames, this week was a little slower (8 frames). However, I've been busy working on retooling the script adding more frames and sequences, as well as working hard on getting the best camera angles (frame 42 took 8 tries before I was satisfied, and began work on it). Also, the frames have been very detailed, with lots of overflowing characters, working out how those huge boobs would squish together, creating all of the liquid effects, and more.

In addition, I took most of Friday to work on a new illustration that is going into a SizeCon Fundraiser image pack. I volunteered to work on one of the images in this pack. I am not the one selling it, but once it comes out (hopefully, within the next few weeks), I'll let you know where you can get it.

Friday, March 8, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XI, frame 36 completed!

This week was a mix of "real life" delays as well as really great new artwork. While "real life" work, "business" issues, computer troubles slowed me down some, I was able to complete 7 great frames, all of which took extra time due to their detail nature — overlapping characters, liquid effects, blur effects, and working to get that perfect camera shot. The effort spent was well worth it. I also took some time to rework the script to add more action, more frames, and more growth. I've pushed the frame count to about 60, and will work on this a bit more next week, adding even more frames. Slow and steady wins the race!

Friday, March 1, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. XI, frame 29 completed

I still had some "real life" work take up some of my time this week, but I was still able to get 10 more frames done in Episode XI. This is also a good number for a week considering how many frames involved multiple characters (the more characters to draw and color, the more time it takes) as well as a lot of movement, growth, and liquid effects (which take more time). These 10 frames now put us at a total of 29 frames completed.

This week's work also puts us past the halfway mark (probably).  I say "probably" because I have been mulling over adding more "process" frames. Currently, the story goes for 54 frames. But I want to add more action. How much? Not sure just yet.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Frame 19 completed on grOw/cinema, Ep. XI

I just realized that I hadn't posted an update last Friday. Last week was a crazy week, filled with personal issues, taxes, "real life" work, taxes, grOw/cinema drawing, taxes, business planning for 2019, etc., etc.  And taxes. After all that, I closed up shop late Friday and went into my weekend, forgetting to post my usual update.

I was able to complete 6 more frames last week. This week, while there was still some leftover "busy-ness" as mentioned above, I was able to complete 11 more frames (up to frame 19), and made great progress on frame 20. Things are getting slowly back on track for Episode XI.

Enjoy the preview!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Art for grOw/cinema, Episode XI begins!

It's been 2 weeks since the launch of grOw/cinema, Episode X, and it's time to begin the steady work in-progress preview march towards Episode XI. The working title for the next chapter will be "Planetoid Collisions", featuring BE, some lactation, miniGTS, and GTS, and sexual situations (FF, mFF). In the past couple of weeks, I've managed to write the initial script, sketch out all of the storyboards, completed the first 3 frames of the next issue, AND have also created a new BE-parody illustration (see below). This is pretty good considering how "real life" was trying its darnedest to get in the freaking way.

The next episode will be another shorter frame count like the last one (this one being between 53-57 frames), and thus, will come out sooner than the longer issues. I will be curious to see, after the next one comes out, if most people enjoy the quicker-produced and lower price point shorter issues, or the longer-produced and but higher frame count versions.

In other news, if you haven't seen it announced on Twitter, or at my DeviantArt gallery, here is my newest BE-parody featuring the women of the Harry Potter universe. This theme was the second most popular choice in my poll at my DeviantArt account when it was initially released (and has since become the most popular choice). For a higher resolution version (3600 x 2057), go download it from my DeviantArt gallery (< go to this link and click the "download" button).


Thursday, January 24, 2019

grOw/cinema, Episode X -- RELEASED!

"The Ever-Expanding Universe"

Episode X:
“Celestial Spheres

50-frame issue!

Episode Synopsis:
Professors Celeste Anzo, having won Carl's "contest", is quickly blowing up like a giant blueberry with breasts. The growth is so much that her head and limbs are sinking into her spherical body. Carl and Professor Hiroto watch in fascination, unsure when Celeste's growing will stop.

Breast Expansion
(from big to huge, Huge!)
Giant breasts and nipples

Vagina/clit expansion (huge!)
Penis expansion
(huge, Huge!)
Blueberry expansion (big, huge, Wow)
Blueberry juicing

(teacher-student sexual encounter)
Excessive cum

Cum-induced growths

Tight clothing

Personality alteration, Reality alteration
Strong sexual situations

Downloadable PDF file. Part 10 of an on-going series. 57 pages, 50 image frames plus cover poster. Released Jan 23, 2019.

What is "grOw/cinema" ?
n exciting, episodic series drawn in the style of a big-screen movie. See the 2 page samples below to get a glimpse of this new style of comic.

grOw/cinema, Episode IX features:
  • 50 full-color frames along with cover poster.
  • Part 10 of the new on-going series.
Haven't bought grOw/cinema yet?  Now's the time to get the whole series at a great SALE price!
  • Get the 10-issue series for $10.55 off the regular price -- For a limited time!
  • Get all 10 Episodes — all 798 full-screen frames!  
  • Or, Buy a Half Collection of 5 Episodes and save $4.80!
Also, check out the updated News and FAQ page for updates to the latest SALES items!

Friday, January 18, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. X, complete! Release next week!

The final frames and cover art were completed this week for Episode X of grOw/cinema, which is titled "Celestial Spheres". As mentioned in a previous post, this episode is a shorter chapter at 50 frames, but has a solitary focus. This issue's themes include: blueberry inflation; blueberry juicing; breast expansion (huge); tight/stretching clothing (some); vag expansion; sex (MF); and features some miniGTS, MILF, giant breasts and nipples, and lactation.

There is still the usual review of the issue for proofreading in text and art, the follow-up corrections, the creation of the final PDF, and then on to the art and programming of the website and ecommerce store. I'll be taking Monday off for an extended holiday weekend, so I hope to have the release ready to go by Wed., Jan 23 (afternoon, Eastern Standard Time) (or, at the latest, early Thurs., Jan 24.

Hang in there! We're just about there!

Friday, January 11, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. X, frame 42 complete!

I was able to finish up to frame 42 of 50 (and completed most of frame 43) this week (12 3/4 frames since last Friday). This is actually great progress, considering what a rollercoaster of a week it's been. 

You may have read about last weeks hard drive failure. That has been corrected, with a new, external hard drive for backing up my files; plus, the erasure and reformat of the failed drive and copying of files back to it. Add to that, I've had some delays due to more "real life" work getting in the way.

AND... for the past week, I've been dealing with a stomach-clenching, acute gastritis. While it's luckily now going away, let's just say the after-eating stomach pain was quite uncomfortable. Eating lighter, a visit to the doctor, and some meds, are getting me back on track.  (Ugh.)

Well, because of all of the above, I am not sure if I will be able to complete the issue and release next Friday, as I had hoped. I still have 8 pages to go, drawing and coloring the cover poster, proofreading and correcting, finalizing the PDF, programming the website and creating the required graphics, as well as setting up the ecommerce store.

For now, I would say, instead, to look for Episode X's release early the following week (Jan 21-25).

Friday, January 4, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. X, just about 60% complete!

The New Years holiday, as well as my typical "new year" "real life work" that usually pops up not withstanding, I made pretty good progress this week. I was able to complete 9 full frames, and about 90% of a 10th frame. Nearly 30 frames out of 50 for this issue are now complete! Depending on the complexity of the next 20 frames, as well as if any "real life work" gets in the way, we could see a release in as little as 2 weeks! Here's hoping!

I also had to deal with a back-up hard drive near failure. I say "near" because it is not a physical failure, but one of data file structures. This could be almost as bad, as it requires reformatting the drive! So, I put in an overnight order for a new duplicate hard drive, which was delivered today. I am currently copying one drive to the other (about 3.7 million files [ 1.4 TB])! I will then reformat and copy it back to the original drive. Thus, always having 2 copies in case one fails. (The odds of both failing at the same time are astronomically high.)

On that note:  take time to back-up all your important files, including grOw pruchases!  Purchase records only go back so far! And, a back-up soesn't mean putting your favorite files on another drive. It means putting it on a duplicate drive, so that there are always at least 2 copies on 2 different drives, in case on fails. :-)  Hard drive fails are not a matter of "if it will happen", but "when it will happen."  Don't take the chance!  (Note: I also use cloud back-up with Carbonite -- which I recommend -- for 1 low yearly cost.)