Wednesday, July 3, 2019

grOw/patreOn launches!


A new way to see new, monthly BustArtist art !

including a chance to request
a free Commission by me!

Patreon link :

New Artwork, sketches, sequences, and process videos !
• 5 tiers of patronage and Rewards!
A chance to request a Free single-character Commission each month!
• Vote on artwork! Suggest new images!
• See Works in Progress ("WIP")!

• Earn $2 or $5 coupon codes for!
• Watch speed process videos on the creation of artwork!
• See more in-production grOw previews!

• Support my work to keep grOw coming and coming!

The time in between grOw releases can be long, depending on the length and complexity of each issue.  My new Patreon page will help me continue to pay the bills more efficiently in between those times. And it means some more of my artwork on a regular basis for you!  There's even a chance to win a Commission from me (single-character), including those "themes" that you don't usually see drawn by me in grOw! (Details to come...)

Will my usual grOw series releases still continue?  Definitely!  Will this new Patreon page add more time in-between grOw releases?  Only a small amount. I've planned ahead and will be extending my work hours, as well as crafted out an efficient work plan to get Patreon awards out with minimal impact on grOw at!

Help support me on my new Patreon page!
Go there now to see FREE sample artwork, sketches, and video without having to join yet!


foducool said...

dude you gotta remove the raffles (or make them less obvious) because any luck based reward for tiers can get your patreon page suspended by the staff (happened to mabeelz before)
it's got to do with patreon not being a gambling site, they can also get in trouble in various ways for this so they crack down on this any chance they get

BustArtist said...

Got ya. Will look into it! Thanks!