Monday, January 31, 2011

grOw/cOmic#4, issue 5: pencils begin

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been reworking some of the script for issue 5, which is titled "All's laid bare in Love and War". When that was completed, I sketched out, in small thumbnail form, the layout of the entire issue. Some good news on this, is that I am adding an additional page to this issue's already extra 2 pages for a total of 19 pages. Currently, I am working on the full size pencil drawings. Making some good progress today, I finished up the first 5 pages of pencil drawings for the next issue. I hope to make more good progress on these over the new few days, as things are (dare I say) not too hectic on the you-know-what front. ;D

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

grOw/cOmic#4, issue 4 Released!

grOwing Desires
Chapter 4: "Your wish is by my command"
18 color pages, 2 cover versions, and 7 image-only pages in the Appendix.

Jon had lost it. MaryBeth's gynormous breast were geysering milk, and he seemed completely in control of her growth! But their exploration into her hugeness was interrupted by Claudine.

Claudine, herself, liked to be in control; and she wasn't going to let Jon run the show anymore. What Claudine wanted, Claudine would get, even if she had to increase her strength to make it so. Both Jon and MaryBeth found themselves at the control of another's whim, one whose growing muscles, height, and breasts, were a confirmation of who just was in charge.

But... that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Includes 7 bonus pages in the Appendix that are text-less, images-only reproductions of the best 7 pages.

Category: Breast Expansion (chemical: big, huge, wow); FMG; mini-GTS; lactation; PE; sex (MF, FF, hard).

Friday, January 14, 2011

GC#4, issue 4: Last page completed!

Just in time for the weekend, I can say that page 72, the last page of the issue, has been completed! All I have to do now is create the cover to issue 5 (which will appear at the end of issue 4 as a teaser), proofread and finalized the PDF, set up the store and we have the release of grOwing Desires: Chapter 4 "Your wish is by my command." The next post here at the blog will be for the announcement of the release. For issue 4, I have added more to the Appendixes. The "Bonus Art Gallery" will have 6 text-less pages! I will also have an Appendix B, which will show how the next-to-last page (71) changed for the better. Enjoy the last preview of this issue! It's been a while since the last release (nearly 4 months), but we are... all... most... there!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finally, GC#4, page 71 complete!

I was finally able to complete page 71, the next to last page of the issue. This page was a real heavy duty page with all sorts of details and effects — at this point, the detail to the FMG is in the "very high" range to get the effect of size, still more liquids (milk, sweat), as well as a number of focal effects to drive the point home (i.e. blurs and depth of field). On top of all this, I had taken time to re-do the layout of this page. The original concept seemed too "flat" and undramatic for a page that is next to last. I combined panels and text to get it down to 4 panels from 5, and drew a new panel that is a kind of "one more fan service nod" to the FMG chapter. :)

With this page done, we only have one more page and the cover for issue 5 to go! The good news is that the last page is not so full of the details that page 71 was. That is not to say that this last page is not a "bombshell." Also, I still have to (pencil) draw the cover, including on deciding what exactly I am going to show. I will have to review the script to issue 5 on this.

Once that is done, it's proofreading (and any needed changes), creating the PDF, setting up the store and we are go for launch!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

GC#4, page 70 complete!

Work has resumed in full after a long (and MUCH needed) break during the end-of-year holidays, with the completion of page 70. I am glad that I actually got a decent start on this page before the break, as it took a lot of time to finish. Full of details, this near-climatic page took longer than I expected. The next page may take a little longer as well due to the multiple panels and often-mentioned details that have been a recurrence in this chapter. We are closing in on the release of this issue with only 2 more pages (and the cover to issue 5) to go! Enjoy the preview!