Friday, November 20, 2009

grOw/stOry#12: BEaver Lake Summer Camp

It's been a long and busy week. However, for once when I say "busy week", I am not going to say that I got little done on the newest release. On the contrary, I just finished the 12th of 16 illustrations for the next-to-be-released grOw/stOry, #12 "BEaver Lake Summer Camp."

Not only are there 3 more illustrations than average, but there are two 2-page spread illustrations in this release! As I mentioned in an earlier post, the story written by Mr. B is the longest story to date. How long? It is twice as long as the average grOw/stOry, 50% longer than his last (#11 The B.E. InsTITute), and even 22% longer than the longest stOry to date (#4 Breast Wishes). And, unlike other reworkings of the stOries, where I had the story only enhanced or polished, Mr. B has completely overhauled and freshly written this story from the ground up! About all that
is the same are 2 character names, a camp setting, and a campfire story. So when released, there will be 2 distinct BE stories in the PDF!

So just how big will this release be? Check out the attached graph, showing comparable story lengths, number of illustrations (including sizes) and, and inclusion of original story versions. You will see, this will be, by far, the largest grOw/stOry release yet!!

Enjoy the preview!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Chip, chip, chip. grOw/stOry#12 continues to take shape.

More work was completed yesterday and today. Mr. B. and I are making a few subtle text changes to help illustrations line up properly, and to... ahem... flesh out the story. Another illustration has been completed, bringing the total to 8 of 16. Also, 3 more illustrations were drawn in the pencil stage, leaving only 1 more to be drawn before going to color. A lot of progress is being made on this HUGE new release.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

grOw/stOry#12, 7 of 16 illustrations done!

I just finished the 7th of the 16 illustrations that will appear in the newest grOw/stOry. I am very happy on how these are turning out so far — its some of my best work yet.

Oh, you may be wondering why I keep referring to this release by its number (12). That's because Mr. B. and I haven't decided on the title yet. ;D

I'm making good progress! Hang in there. Enjoy the preview for now.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

grOw/stOry#12: Good things abound!

I just finished the 4th of 16 illustrations for the the next grOw/stOry! Again, that's 3 more than usual. Also, Mr. B. has just about wrapped up the rewrite, and I have to say, it is a good one! Not only that, but it is a good 50% longer than most stOries, and nearly twice as long as some of the shortest!

Another good thing is that today, I finished a huuuuge "real life work" project that has been going on for the last 6 months! Though I still have other projects in the works, now that this particular one is out of the way, I should have more time to devote to getting this stOry, and the next grOw/cOmic, out the door!

Enjoy the preview! You will notice it is the colored version of the pencil preview I posted back on October 23.