Friday, March 30, 2018

Frame 19 of grOw/cinema, Episode VII, completed!

Work has continued at a good pace this week on the next Episode of grOw/cinema. I've completed 12 more frames bringing the total to 19 frames finished, and made major progress on the 20th frame. A character has appeared in the series, and 4 more will come later in this chapter. This ride is just beginning, and we are past the 20% done mark!

Friday, March 23, 2018

FInal art creation of grOw/cinema, Episode VII has begun!

The creation of the next episode of grOw/cinema is well on its way! This week, I was able to complete the first 7 frames of Episode VII, which has a working title of "Meaty-four Shower."  This latest episode will also be an extra-long chapter like the last one, consisting of 90 frames. It will feature: Breast expansion (big, huge, wow!); Ass expansion (big, huge, Huge!); (some) lactation; huge cock worship; excessive cum; cum-induced expansion; (some) MILF; strong sexual situations (MF, MFFFF); reality alteration.

Interesting enough, this episode's storyline was going to be only about 25% of the original plot. However, while writing it, the ideas kept flowing, and I "expanded" it to a full issue. The original idea I had had for the bulk of Episode VII will now become Episode VIII. 

Since it's been 5 weeks since the last release, 7 frames doesn't sound like a lot. However, I also had to write the full script for this episode, storyboard sketch all 90 frames, as well as build a new setting for this chapter in my 3D program for the backgrounds.

On top of all that, there has been a lot "non-grOw" stuff going on. As usual, I try to take a small break between releases (usually a week). However, I took a slightly longer one this time due to a severe bout of "tennis elbow" affecting my drawing arm. I really pushed myself to release the last episode, which caused the condition. (Basically, tennis elbow is usually caused from over-use or highly-repetitive motion of the arm, causing the muscles of the arm on either side of the elbow to pull tightly and cause micro-tears in the cartilage connecting the muscles to the elbow. This, in turn, causes pain and weakness. Rest, ice on the tendons, and heat on the muscles is usually the only cure.) While I am actually still dealing with it, the pain and discomfort is down considerably.

I also have been completing some huge projects in my "real life" work that were pushed off in order get the last episode completed.

In addition, the wife and I are packing up the house and getting to move to a different part of the country! Don't worry, I am sure I will complete this issue before that happens. However, there may be a month-longer lead time for Episode VIII as this move happens (probably somewhere between June and August), as we will need time to complete the move and get settled in our new place and state. 

Note: Because of the uncertainty of the timing of this move, I cannot commit to attending SizeCon 2018 at this time.  If I go (and know that I WANT to go), that decision will be very last minute.

But that's the future!  Let's get ready for the here and now. Enjoy the first preview!