Thursday, March 29, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 8 completed!

Compared to the last few pages, this one had more detail, and thus, took more time as expected. However, I still was able to make good time, at only 1-and-a-half days, instead of 2+ for page 8. Page 9 may be more of the same. However, we are almost to the halfway point!  Whoot!  In the meantime, enjoy the preview — I think this one says it all.  :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 7 completed!

Wow... I really didn't expect to be posting this today, but I was able to complete page 7 one day after the last one. This page had a lot more faces and detail than the last page, so I figured it would take an extra day. However, upon reflecting, I realized I had a lot more distractions and small side-chores going on while working on page 6, but I was super-focused while working on page 7. Can't say how the next page will go, but here's hoping!  :D

Monday, March 26, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 6 completed!

Well, we've hit the third-way mark with the completion of page 6 of 18 of issue 1 of grOw/cOmic#5 — a dizzying set of numbers for sure! This page was easier than the last few, so I was able to complete it so quickly. The next few pages have quite a number of faces and other details that won't allow me to post these previews as fast as I have done recently. But don't worry — know that I am still working away diligently!

Friday, March 23, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 5 completed!

I knew I had to finish at least one more page before the weekend, and I did with the completion of page 5. For those who are familiar with various BE artists on DeviantArt, you may recognize the "guest stars" in this issue. It's now off to page 6, which will be the final page of the first third of issue 1!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 4 completed!

Cranking out the pages, I was able to finish page 4 of the first issue of grOw/cOmic#5! This page was a little easier than the last three, but there were still a number of panels and different people throughout the frames. (The more people, the more time it takes.) Now... on to page 5!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 3 completed!

I almost thought I was would be able to finish page 3 yesterday — working on it later into the evening since I had nothing else to do — but I just couldn't do it. Put the finishing touches on the last panel today, I was able to wrap up the third page (and start on the fourth).

Enjoy the preview!

Friday, March 16, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 2 completed!

This one took a lot longer than the first page, but that's because of the incredible amount of detail and layering. The first panel (out of 4 on the page) took about 5-6 hours to ink and paint alone. I am glad I was able to get one more preview in before the weekend, working right up to the end of the week. Enjoy! TGIF!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, page 1 complete!

The first page of the new grOw/cOmic#5 series has just been completed!  This took longer than I had hoped due to a number of reasons. First, on day 1 of the ink and paint stage, I took about 4 or 5 hours to practice, experiment, redo, and play with making better hair. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be to get to a stage that I was satisfied with.  Second, I had to take about 4 days off to rest my arm. I've been working so hard — with my arm and hand in very tight grips to keep my lines steady (I need to learn to loosen up) — that I had a major shoulder/arm/hand cramp/spasm. I had to stop working during the first panel it was so bad, and actually had trouble sleeping. Four days of rest, heat & cold, and a major (professional-level) massage by my wife reeeeallly helped to break up those damned knotted muscles.
Enjoy the first preview!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

grOw/cOmic#5, issue 1 Pencils complete!

I finished the pencils drawings of the final page of the 18-page first issue of grOw/cOmic#5, "grOwing Appreciation".  Starting tomorrow, I will begin the ink and paint process. As each page is completed, I will be posting a small preview image, like I've done for previous series. Whoot!

Some of the previous grOw/cOmic series focused on BE, with some forays into GTS.  grOw/cOmic#5 will do the opposite. It will, of course, contain a nice amount of BE. However, this will be the first series whose storyline actually focuses on GTS.  Other themes throughout the entire series will be some AE, clothes ripping, some light vore, GTS/normal-guy sex, sitting, smothering, insertion, building destruction, and all around "BA fun".

Thursday, March 1, 2012

grOw/cOmic #5, iss. 1 pencils half done!

I've made great progress on the pencil drawings of the first issue of grOw/cOmic#5, "grOwing Appreciation".  In the last few days, I was able to complete 9 out of the 18 pages for issue 1.

I have been forcing myself to slow down more during this stage, and spend more time working up the details, especially when it comes to faces and expressions. I have been very pleased with the results, so far! Previously, I would sometimes rough out these features in pencil form, and not develop them until the ink stage. However, sometimes this doesn't work out as well, since the ink stage involves a Wacom Intuos3 tablet, and the drawings are done in good ol' fashioned pencil. I feel a much stronger connection with pencil, being able to watch the pencil tip move across the paper with my hand, something not possible with a tablet. Now, if I could afford a Wacom Cintiq, that would be a different story!  :D

 When all 18 penciled pages are completed, I will begin the ink and painting stage, which will result in page-by-page previews being posted here until the issue is released. Hopefully, the next few days will give me the opportunity to finish the second half, so that coloring can begin as early as next week.  For now, here is a pencil preview from issue 1.