Tuesday, February 28, 2017

grOw/cinema : Episode II progress...

Well, the script has been written, and the 82 panels have been sketched out for Episode II of grOw/cinema! Yep! It's going to be another long one, like last time!  :) I had hoped to have announced this yesterday, but I made a few changes to the end of this episode, which took some time to work out. Nothing was scrapped in the change. I added a new twist to the next-to-last scene, which cut short what was to be the last scene. But what was "cut short" is simply being pushed into Episode III (and not removed entirely).

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode I -- RELEASED!

"The Ever-Expanding Universe"

Episode I: “The Big Banging

HUGE 81-frame issue!

What is "grOw/cinema" ?
n exciting, new, episodic series drawn in the style of a big-screen movie. See the 2 page samples below to get a glimpse of this new style of comic.

In the middle of his college science class, Carl notices things changing around him, such as his secret crush becoming his girlfriend and her breasts growing huge. To his surprise, the changes seem to be at his direction. Little did he know that following an unprecidented, cosmological event, his deepest, darkest wishes would soon become true...
Breast Expansion
  (big, huge
Ass expansion
(slim to Kardashian)

Penis expansion, excessive cum
Reality alterations, Personality alterations 

Sexual situations
(MF — strong)
growth: unknown reason

grOw/cinema, Episode I features:
  • Extra-long 81 full-color frames along with cover poster.
  • Part 1 of a new on-going series.
 AVAILABLE NOW AT www.bustartist.com !  (Visa, MC, PayPal)

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Friday, February 10, 2017

grOw/cinema, issue 1 art completed. Post-production to be completed

Well, the final frames of the first issue of grOw/cinema have been completed!  These include 2-1/2 frames that were redrawn and recolored because I didn't like how they came out. In the beginning, I was still "playing" with the style of line work that the "cinema" series would have. Originally, it was going to be much simpler, and even a bit stylized like an animated movie (not "anime", however). However, as this first issue developed, I drifted (almost subconsciously) to linework that was more detailed, more real, and less stylized. The few aforementioned frames no longer fit this tack, so I had to redo them.

I still have to do a few rounds of proofreading (to make sure everything is caught... it's amazing what you can skip over). I also have to finalize the name of this first chapter (which I am still mulling over). Then, it's all the post production work, such as creating the PDF, programming the ecommerce store, all the website graphics and setting-up the new web pages. 

This first issue will feature breast expansion (big, huge), ass expansion (slim to Kardashian), penis expansion (big!), personality change, and changing reality.

My outlook is a release early next week — probably either Monday (later in the day) or Tuesday (early in day) (* times based on EST, or GMT-4).

Hang in there! The first, new issue of grOw/cinema: "The Ever-Expanding Universe" is almost ready for blast off!

Friday, February 3, 2017

grOw/cinema, issue 1 — 86% done!

Another 10 frames were completed this week, a little less than I had hoped, but still a good chunk.  Some "real life" work took my attention and time away from working on this issue, unfortunately. However, some of the panels too extra work due to the camera angles and character interaction, so that's cool.  70 frames of 81 in this issue are now done. Only 11 more to go, and then I have to create some sort of cover. Hang in there — getting close!