Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update: What's Coming Down the Pike?

As I was reminded in a reply to a previous post, it's been a month since my last update to the Blog. I usually post when concrete updates have been completed, but that's not to say nothing has been worked on since the release of grOw/stOry "The B.E. InsTITute." Usually within a week of a new release, I'm on the next project. It has gone slower that usual for 2 reasons: a) heavy workload coming out of the summer slowdowns (a good thing), and b) the two new projects I am working on are in the early development stage.

Wait... did I say two new projects? Yes. I am concurrently working on the next grOw/stOry and the next grOw/cOmic series.

For the grOw/stOry, I am working with Mister B, who is writing from the ground up a whole new rendition of the former E.L. Publications release, "Booooob Camp." After each one of our online powwows of ideas and plot planning, Mister B heads back to his craft and sculpts his prose. And I, not wanting to seem idle, start gathering references for the stOry's illustrations.

In addition, I have been outlining and writing the next grOw/cOmic series. So far, I have written (about 50% rough, 50% concrete), 5 out of the 6 issues that will comprise the next series, titled "grOwing Desires". As done for all the other cOmic series, I want to make sure the entire story line for all issues is planned out before pencil hits the paper so that I do not paint myself into a corner story-wise. Already, I have gone back a few times, from, say issue 4, to rewrite or add something in issue 1.

So which will come first? The plan is to have the new grOw/stOry be released first. This will also round out the 3-stOry release schedule I like to keep. At that time, the stOry Collection (#10-12) will be released as well. Then, it is on to "grOwing Desires".

Even if concrete updates have not yet been completed, I will try to do my best to update more often! Thanks, everyone, for your interest here!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Has it been 8 years already?

When it doesn't seem so long ago, you know you are not forgetting.

However, having a job in Manhattan at the time (though I was luckily home that morning, getting ready for work), and living with 45 miles of Ground Zero, it is impossible to forget.