Friday, November 17, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode V, now about 70% done!

I didn't get as many frame completed this week as I had hoped, but I still put in a lot of work since the last preview. Many of the frames I worked on were quite detailed, had many characters in them, had new characters, or took place in a setting that had to be reworked in my 3D program.  Some of the "new" characters showed up in previous issues, but now needed real "reference" material as we are seeing the up close and personal now; so, there was some "research" time there. In addition, I am not as quick to draw new characters until I get "used to" them, like I have Carl, Heidi, and Heather. I have also been retooling the last third of the Episode, adjusting dialogue and even camera angles for better experience.

I'm making steady and good progress!  Hang in there!  (More time means more previews, at least.)

Friday, November 10, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode V, now 57% complete!

We are now over the hump, with 46 frames complete, and a frame 47 halfway done. With a total of 82 frames in this Episode (for now... I've been editing and adding as I go), we are now about 57% done. 14 frames is a great achievement, considering the complexity of some of them, and some time-consuming "real life" work that unexpectedly tripped me up (a hacked WordPress site anyone??).

Friday, November 3, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode V, now about 40% done!

I worked a little later than usual (esp. for a Friday), and was able to both complete frame 32, and made more than 50% progress on frame 33 today. This is great progress, especially considering some factors — some "real life" work; Halloween (we do a lot with out house); and the complexity of the recent frames' artwork and layouts. There were a lot of overlapping characters in these frames, which results in more work per frame (and more time). And they came out great!

Hang in there! I hope to be well over the hump by the end of next week!