Friday, October 6, 2017

Work on grOw/cinema, Episode V has begun!

The release of Episode IV of grOw/cinema was a success, and many of you expressed excitement for the issue and for more in the future!  Well, more will definitely be coming!

Since the release of the last issue, I've been busy.  The first thing I did was nearly complete the newly-designed BustArtist website to modernize it and make it mobile-ready ("responsive"). I just have to finish adding the ecommerce plug-in to my WordPress design and set the parameters to all the grOw items.  I will wait until the current Episode IV sales die down to do so, to minimize any disruption (it may take a few hours to switch over to the new site).

I've also been working on the next issue of grOw/cinema (Episode V). The final name of this episode has not yet been set in stone, but I am working on a punny variation of "the Higgs Boson".  😉

I've written the first draft of the script, which will be edited and fixed up as I draw the rough storyboards for the issue. As of today, I completed the storyboards up to frame 46 (out of 80-82 frames). The storyboarding definitely helps me refine the script, as I realize that some things written don't always play nicely when turned into visuals. In addition, when roughing out the images, new and better ideas come to mind, and I refine the script (which I have done already).

I hope to begin drawing and painting the actual frames next week.  Note: next week will be a short one, as I head out of town for a long weekend on Thursday, returning the following Tuesday.

Stay tuned!


other290 said...

Hope RL work is going well - can't wait to see what's coming next. Love seeing this series' quick progress - I remember how long the earlier series took. The quality keeps going up - I have to read them a few times to get all the detail in. I got your whole Growing library!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the next installment. I do hope for some titfucks/boobjobs maybe double or triples with all the ladies, but whatever you do of course we will love it.

goofysmalls said...

Maybe you can incorporate the large hadron collider backfiring and making all the women bigger

Anonymous said...

my vote is for "The Biggs Hardon"

BustArtist said...

other290: Glad you are enjoying the series! And thanks for your long-running $upport!

Anon2 "The Biggs Hard-on". Love it. It won't work for this episode (there is a reason I need "Boson" in the title). But maybe a future chapter.

BustArtist said...

Anon1: Glad you enjoy it! If not this one, I am sure we'll hit all those points in future episodes.

goofysmalls: There already is a "force in play". I don't want to add another to complicate things. Thanks for your suggestions, though. But... hmmm... "The Large Hard-On Collider" could be a future chapter name. :)