Friday, January 4, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. X, just about 60% complete!

The New Years holiday, as well as my typical "new year" "real life work" that usually pops up not withstanding, I made pretty good progress this week. I was able to complete 9 full frames, and about 90% of a 10th frame. Nearly 30 frames out of 50 for this issue are now complete! Depending on the complexity of the next 20 frames, as well as if any "real life work" gets in the way, we could see a release in as little as 2 weeks! Here's hoping!

I also had to deal with a back-up hard drive near failure. I say "near" because it is not a physical failure, but one of data file structures. This could be almost as bad, as it requires reformatting the drive! So, I put in an overnight order for a new duplicate hard drive, which was delivered today. I am currently copying one drive to the other (about 3.7 million files [ 1.4 TB])! I will then reformat and copy it back to the original drive. Thus, always having 2 copies in case one fails. (The odds of both failing at the same time are astronomically high.)

On that note:  take time to back-up all your important files, including grOw pruchases!  Purchase records only go back so far! And, a back-up soesn't mean putting your favorite files on another drive. It means putting it on a duplicate drive, so that there are always at least 2 copies on 2 different drives, in case on fails. :-)  Hard drive fails are not a matter of "if it will happen", but "when it will happen."  Don't take the chance!  (Note: I also use cloud back-up with Carbonite -- which I recommend -- for 1 low yearly cost.)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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