Thursday, January 24, 2019

grOw/cinema, Episode X -- RELEASED!

"The Ever-Expanding Universe"

Episode X:
“Celestial Spheres

50-frame issue!

Episode Synopsis:
Professors Celeste Anzo, having won Carl's "contest", is quickly blowing up like a giant blueberry with breasts. The growth is so much that her head and limbs are sinking into her spherical body. Carl and Professor Hiroto watch in fascination, unsure when Celeste's growing will stop.

Breast Expansion
(from big to huge, Huge!)
Giant breasts and nipples

Vagina/clit expansion (huge!)
Penis expansion
(huge, Huge!)
Blueberry expansion (big, huge, Wow)
Blueberry juicing

(teacher-student sexual encounter)
Excessive cum

Cum-induced growths

Tight clothing

Personality alteration, Reality alteration
Strong sexual situations

Downloadable PDF file. Part 10 of an on-going series. 57 pages, 50 image frames plus cover poster. Released Jan 23, 2019.

What is "grOw/cinema" ?
n exciting, episodic series drawn in the style of a big-screen movie. See the 2 page samples below to get a glimpse of this new style of comic.

grOw/cinema, Episode IX features:
  • 50 full-color frames along with cover poster.
  • Part 10 of the new on-going series.
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Anonymous said...

I will say while this type of fetish isn't my thing I'm glad you have us some solid dialogue from the other professor and some expansion from Vera. Purchased this to support you but was pleasantly surprised. Can't wait to see how Carl's new powers expand Vera next issue!

Anonymous said...

Blueberry Expansion is just not my thing. I simply can’t get turned on by it. I’m a GTS and BE fan all the way. However, I bought that issue to support your work, because you are m, by far, the best fetish artist out there. If I can, I only ask that you deliver some major GTS/SM next issue... I would love to see Vera and her daughters get even taller!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new chapter. Blueberry might not be my thing. But I support your work and there is BE so purchased.

Anonymous said...

Blueberry stuff not my thing but great story/art as always! Well worth the purchase. Just next one please more clothes ripping off stuff! You left Vera in prime position to have that blouse just fly apart lol. Keep up the awesome work.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you have such fans willing to support your work even though they may not like the fetish of that issue. That being said I hope you don't get frustrated with their comments of "its not my thing" etc. Because There are tons of people that enjoy different tranformations/inflation/expansions and you are the best at it. I hope you continue to explore different kinds for everyone. I personally will try and tell forums, sub-reddits etc... that would love Blueberry expansion maybe get you some sells.

That being said this issue and last were amazing. I love the twists and the foreshadowing that even with his controlling power he is losing control. From forgetting the changes he's made to creating women hungry for what he has etc... Vera is certainly plotting something and slowly getting more control....! Keep up the good work! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for those other blokes who can't appreciate a good Bberry comic I personally am thrilled. This rivals the Great Johnny Swell's classic Blueberry girl comic and he never finished it. It's so rare to have a finale in a bb comic and it was bloody well done. Can't wait to see what next bizarre event will be.

other290 said...

Couldn't wait to buy yesterday, can't wait to see what's next. Great art & story as always.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with the last comment! Fantastic blueberry comic! Something you should be really proud of, especially when grOw Cinema has been your first foray into blueberry inflation, because this chapter was amazing! I get that other readers might not be into this fetish, you did earn your deserved reputation on the back of great BE, Hourglass & GTS stuff after all. I just hope that when people say "it's not my thing" it doesn't put you off from trying blueberry inflation again in future, because your work is super awesome and would absolutely buy more of your blueberry work in a heartbeat!

BustArtist said...

Anon 1: Thanks for the $upport! I appreciate it, especially with bluebery not being “your thing.” A few people had mentioned this exact same sentiment, I made sure to put some BE and other dialogue that would, at least, keep them interested in the storyline.

Anon 2: As said above, I really appreciate the $upport considering your personal tastes! I also thank you for the complement! I am about to start brainstorming and writing the script for Ep. XI. I do have some ideas on how to feature Vera prominently.

Anon 3: Again, thanks for the amazing $upport! It’s support like this that allows me to continue to produce these time-consuming issues! :-)

Anon 4: I understand. No prob. Thanks for the kudos!

Anon 5: I appreciate the kudos on my work! I have been exploring more and more over the years. However, there tends to common “likes” in the fans I have. Sometimes, a chosen topic may focus on a more narrow section of those fans. Many times I try to add another likable theme to keep those outside that envelope satisfied.
This time, the slice of interest seemed narrower than usual, so I wrapped up the current arc in this latest issue so that I can move on to the next one.
That said, I may still do a “one off” or similar project down the road on blueberry, but for now, I will wait and see the results of my current efforts. Truth be told, after a nice slow but steady increase in interest in my work, and in grOw/cinema in particular, this issue has shown a huge declide in sales.
But thanks for the praise on this last issue. The twists and foreshadowing keep it interesting and, maybe, just a bit unpredictable.

Anon 6: Thanks! I am glad I was able to “fit the bill” for you when it comes to tackling this new theme! Ah, yes, Johnny Swell. Great guy. The wife and I met him in person and hung out for an afternoon yearsssss ago.

other290Thanks for your long-time, continued support!

Anon 7: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my new attempt at blueberry. The fact that so many who ARE into it liked my endevour into the subject makes me glad it was so successful… especially since I may have really “pushed it beyond” what you normally see (at least, in my research).

Anonymous said...

For someone who's not into bluberry expansion I purchased this for support and knowing your quality I expected to like the issue regardless of theme but I was actually blown away. I really enjoyed it thoroughly. Well done sir

Glenn Reuben said...

As someone who is indeed into blueberry expansion, as well as all the other themes, this issue was amazing and certainly original. I love where it went and it's easily an instant classic. More would definitely be welcome at some point but looking forward to issue XI either way!