Friday, January 18, 2019

grOw/cinema, Ep. X, complete! Release next week!

The final frames and cover art were completed this week for Episode X of grOw/cinema, which is titled "Celestial Spheres". As mentioned in a previous post, this episode is a shorter chapter at 50 frames, but has a solitary focus. This issue's themes include: blueberry inflation; blueberry juicing; breast expansion (huge); tight/stretching clothing (some); vag expansion; sex (MF); and features some miniGTS, MILF, giant breasts and nipples, and lactation.

There is still the usual review of the issue for proofreading in text and art, the follow-up corrections, the creation of the final PDF, and then on to the art and programming of the website and ecommerce store. I'll be taking Monday off for an extended holiday weekend, so I hope to have the release ready to go by Wed., Jan 23 (afternoon, Eastern Standard Time) (or, at the latest, early Thurs., Jan 24.

Hang in there! We're just about there!


Anonymous said...

Very excited to read this chapter in the next few days! grOw Cinema has been by far my favorite series yet and I've pretty much bought everything from your store! XD

I hope the feedback and sales from chapter IX have not put you off from doing Blueberry Expansion again in future. It has been great to see the care, effort and attention you have put into something that normally not part of your usual repertoire. The results of which, from someone of your incredible calibre, have been amazing and an absolute delight to see realized. Even if it has to be a smaller, shorter or even just one-off pieces, I hope we can be enthralled by more of your Blueberry goodness again soon!

Anonymous said...

are we looking to a thursday release?

BustArtist said...

Unfortunately, it's looking like that (a Thursday 1/24 release). Some last minute issues, real life work, and real life issues delayed finalizing the issue today. But things should 99% be ready for early morning release (by 10am, Eastern Standard Time,-5GMT)