Friday, July 20, 2018

grOw/cinema, Ep. VIII work continues... 15 frames done

It's gone a little slower than I had hoped, but part of that is due to the amount of details that have gone into the frames I worked on this week. Lot's of dramatic camera angles (that take care to line-up the drawn characters to the 3D background), lots of special liquid effects, and many overlapping characters (which requires more selection and masking). I also lost some work time to "real life work" and other "moving chores". I finished frame 15 today.  Next week, I will be working on Monday and part of the day Tuesday, and then I head back to NY for some personal appointments as well as my attending SIZECON 2018!

I will see you at SIZECON 2018 on Saturday, July 28. I may be around in the morning of Sunday, but that is to be determined!

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Anonymous said...

What sort of expansions can we expect?