Friday, August 10, 2018

grOw/cinema over the third-way mark!

I'm back from the NorthEast and SizeCon! And that means it's back to work on grOw/cinema.

I realized I forgot to post an update last Friday. I returned to the studio on July 31st, and have been working ever since. Some "real life" work took some of my time, but I was able to make some good progress on cinema. This includes 2 full days just building new sets for the upcoming episode, one of which will feature prominently. They were both quite detailed, and came out great! Here is one sneak peak of the big one.

In terms of the issue, I completed up to frame 31, and started on frame 32. There will be new characters introduced this issue, so stay tuned for more previews of these lovely ladies.

I've also been retooling the script, getting rid of dead-weight frames to make room for more expansion panels! Whoot!

I hope to write more on SizeCon, but it is late and I haven't eaten (Om nom nom). I need energy.  But for now, I'll say that it was a fun time!  Loved attending the BE Cafe, with all the growing beauties serving us (including Juliekat). I really enjoyed talking to all of those who came to my small booth this year and appreciate all those who bought my SizeCon-exclusive prints!

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