Friday, February 9, 2018

grOw/cinema, Episode VI now 93% done!

I just finished frame 84 out of 90 today for Episode VI of grOw/cinema. I didn't get as much done on the issue this week as I had hoped, for a number of reasons, unfortunately. Mainly due to an overwhelming week of real-life work** and other factors, as well as some more detailed frames that required extra care.  Only 6 more frames, and the "cover poster", to go and we can put this baby to bed!  I hope to complete these 2 tasks by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Then, the last 2 days of the week see me in the final post-production phase of this issue — proofreading and correcting, making the final PDF, creating graphics for the website, programming the website, and programming the eCommerce store. Target release date: next Friday, Feb 16 (I hope).

Hang in there! We... are... so... close!

(** I lost HOURS of productivity due to having to figure out how get a locally-developed WordPress site uploaded to GoDaddy (they suck) and get the database to work properly with it in a separate directory/subdomain to be used while it is continued to be worked on before going live. Sounds fun, huh? I'd much rather draw boobies.)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait till the release! I'll get my copy! It looks like, from the latest picture, she's tall enough to touch the ceiling!;-). Are any of them going to grow taller, maybe tall enough to use his body like a dildo? And, are you going to have any other female modifications, like even bigger clits, so they can, with Carl, have sex with other females!?

Anonymous said...

I thank you for your hard work good sir. I would have loved to have acquired this today, as today is my birthday. But as it was not to be, I will still fully enjoy it next week all the more. Keep up the good night.

Anonymous said...

I hope very much, that the little white spot on top of her breast is cum :p

Anonymous said...

You could have a girl who thinks that she's a shrimp weakling get an upgrade, o, maybe upon seeing a body building female walk out of a gym exercise room with a perfectly toned body, wishes more women were built like that, and maybe over does it for some. The ones getting the upgrade could get it by him thinking, 'I wish more women who feel like weaklings would obtain their deep muscle longings!" And, since they're tall anyway, become super strong Amazons, maybe with HUGE clits, big enough to have sex with another woman, whom they like because, they too, have big muscles or are lesbians, and proceed to have sex with them.