Friday, February 16, 2018

grOw/cinema, Episode VI -- RELEASED!

"The Ever-Expanding Universe"

Episode VI:
The Bigg Boson

GIANT 90-frame issue!

What is "grOw/cinema" ?
n exciting, new, episodic series drawn in the style of a big-screen movie. See the 2 page samples below to get a glimpse of this new style of comic.

Carl was now alone in the lecture hall with the very tall Professor Boson, who was intensely eyeing his super-huge junk. Having "coerced" her into a student-teacher sexual romp, Carl soon finds out about Boson's growing domineering personality.

Breast Expansion
(big, huge, Wow) 

Ass Expansion (big, huge, Huge!)
Vagina/clit expansion (big, huge)
Penis expansion (big, huge, Huge!)
Excessive cum

Cum-induced growth
(teacher-student sexual encounter)
Tall woman
(7'7") (2.3 m)
miniGTS (up to 12') (up to 3.66 m)
GTS (over 12', up to 36') (over 3.66m, up to 11    m)
Sex-induced height growth
Personality alteration, Reality alteration
Strong sexual situations (MF, mF)
growth: mind powers

grOw/cinema, Episode VI features:
  • Extra-long 90 full-color frames along with cover poster.
  • Part 6 of the new on-going series.
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Anonymous said...

Wow this is probably my favorite (so far) issue! So happy to see the build up of this sexual growth scene come into fruition! Keep up the amazing talent! Eagerly already waiting for the next issue.

Anonymous said...

Magnificant work once again! This issue was amazing. The vaginal growth continues to get better and better, as well as hotter (really wish he had stuck his head inside though). And the size comparison between the two of them while having sex was great too. Really love when you explore that particular aspect.

One request for somewhere down the line though (meaning your work in general), would be nice to see the ladies do a little self sucking of their own nipples at some point. Don't think I've seen that since way back in the first Grow comic.

other290 said...

Great story lines and wonderful release- can't wait to see what's next. Read it a few times to watch all the details. Hope RL work is also going well.

Anonymous said...

Great work again. Favourite by far. Hope his GF has a combination of those ailments now that he's altered reality more and she gets a bit taller.

Anonymous said...

Favourite so far. Thank you

Glenn Reuben said...

A brilliant issue as always! Just wondering how many issues there will be in total?

Anonymous said...

cant wait, and then I have to pay full price.. - how many do you think wait for 6 issue discount?
next time you have to give something to us fools thats have ALL your stof, just 19 minutes after realese..

jaws00789 said...

As always, amazing work!! You've set yourself up for a variety of situations between so many characters now! I'm excited to see where this all goes :D

Anonymous said...

Will we have less GTS in future issues?

Just not my thing. Love BE, really love huge AE, but GTS just doesn't do it for me.

Anonymous said...

Will we have MORE GTS in future issues?

Totally my thing. Love BE, really love huge AE, but GTS super does it for me.

Marshall Keys said...

Well, I hope you don't get me wrong, but I have mixed feelings about this issue. Your storytelling, as always, is just amazing. The cliffhangers, the characters, the sexy situations you put the characters into, is just... Wow!

But, putting that aside, we the to the fetish/fantasy part, where my criticism resides. First of all, I LOVE GTS and growth, and I LOVE BE. Heck I even like some AE and PE also! But we all have limits. When the women start looking like a "living S letter", well, the thing just doesn't get attractive to me anymore... Like I said before, please don't get me wrong. I know it's YOUR work, and as such, you put the fetish and fantasies you want into the story. You decide how much the girls will grow, when and if they will grow. I know I'm being a little selfish here, because, If I could choose, I'd make all the girls turn into busty giantesses, some with big butts, and thick thighs. And I know a lot of people would hate that. I just wanted to share my opinion, even if you won't read it.

Anyway, I hope to see more GTS in the future (even a story fully dedicated to it). Keep up that quality work BA! Overall, you rock! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to see AE on the levels seen in Grow Story 18.

Anonymous said...

I get what Marshal is saying. This is my favorite issue for a lot of reasons but my favorite just gts scene is in grOw 4 issue 2 with Jeanette. Hoping to see more gts can’t wait for the next issue.

BustArtist said...

Anon1: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed this issue so much!

Anon2: Wow. Thanks for the “amazing” comment! :) One step at a time, we may get to “head insertion” one day. ;) Self sucking: shaking my head that it’s been so long since I’ve done that. Need to correct that.

other290: Thanks again! The devil is in the details, as they say! };)

Anon3: Neither Carl nor I know what the cascading effects of each “reality alternation” will be. (Seriously, I’m taking this one Episode at a time, with hardly any plans for the next.) We’ll just have to see as it unfolds. :D

Anon4: Thank YOU for your $upport!

Glenn Reuben: Thanks! I don’t know how many issues. This is an ON-GOING series. There is no end in sight. Now, that’s not to say I will put this series on hold, while I tackle another storyline. But, ater doing that, I will come back and continue it. That’s one of the reasons for the “Ever-Exanding” in the title of the series. ;)

Anon5:The discount partially comes from buying nuemrous issues in one transaction. That actually saves me money in fees, and I pass it along. Just like a small beverage is maybe $2, but a large which is twice as much, is only $1.40. Sometimes, like the special 2-week extra discount, is to drum up business and entice people who haven’t jumped on board to begin the series. By buying issue by issue, your bonus is getting each issue immediately, without having to wait for months (or a year?) before a collection comes out. As ALWAYS, THANK YOU for your $upport!

Ajaws00789: Glad you felt this issue was “amazing”! Thanks! The storylines are open to so many possibilites to explore! This series will go on for years.

Anon6: I understand. Not every “fetish theme” is everyone’s cup o’ tea. This series will explore many different themes, and not everyone will be in every Episode (well, maybe BE, even to a small extent). So, don’t worry. While GTS WILL feature in some chapters, it will NOT be in all, or even most. Just check the description when the issue is released. If it does’t fit your likings, you can skip it, and wait for the next. :)

Marshall Keys:Glad you liked the issue! Thanks! But I understand what you mean. If you read the comment above to “Anon6”, I somewhat cover this. Many of us who enjoy “expansion” just love seeing it go and go and go. For others, there is a limit. It’s hard to cover what everyone enjoys all the time. BUT, I will be keeping some “limits” on some of the characters. You may remember that the Ass Expansion in the first few Episodes did not affect each character in the same amount. Or, in Episode IV, Carl had altered reality to affect breast sizes in different amounts. I hope to do this more in the future. So, if you happen to like “3x size”, there might be a few gals that size up as “2x”, “3x”, “6x”… and you can enjoy the first two. :) I am also mulling over having a few chapters where the growths are between realistically very big to just over the line of reality huge… but not in the “wow” category for those who like to keep it closer to “real world”. (And then, in the next chapter, go hog-wild!).

Anon7: I am fairly new to “AE”, but have enjoyed epxloring it. I will probably do a chapter in which that is a major theme.

Anon8:Many people liked Jeanette in grOw/cOmic 4 but for different reasons. What was yours? Her “hunger”? Her “soft domination”? The closed in space? Her “cute but forcefulness”? Something else?

Anonymous said...

I'd be nice to have some Belly Expansion aswell, makes sense with all the cum they are taking in their various holes

Anon8 said...

The hunger, the soft domination and the cute but forcefulness definitely are up there. I’d also say the proportions at which she grew and the way she was doing it all just to get his full (and hard) attention. Her lust for him and desire to get bigger to keep him in the room and please him was intense. Felt bad for her when she passed out lol

Anonymous said...

In wonder if Carl has altered reality so much that the entire society and culture will ultimately become expanded. News given by impossibly busty women. Specialty bras and clothing that show off movement and jiggling. Milk delivery services. Extreme growth during puberty. The possibilities are endless

Anonymous said...

Yeah it was a spectacular issue Be,AE,GTS love them all can't go wrong with any of them. I however do have one question you have put FMG in one of your past issues and it was fantastic I know FMG isn't really your thing but is there any chance you might have some in a future issue?

other290 said...

Hope everyone is well after the Nor-easters. Hope RL work also working out.