Monday, March 15, 2010

CG#4: page 13 complete!

With the rain and wind battering the East Coast, I stayed in this weekend, and started on the next page. Finishing it this morning, I was able to continue the great progress that I am making. It's amazing how much a little reflection adds to a scene.


A Dedicated Fan said...

WOW... just WOW. Just chuggin' along and before you know it... badda bing badda boom.. we are reading the next issue!

Keep up the fine work (and pace)..

Anonymous said...

Gee, how's she going to get out of the bathroom after this one?
Unless she stays there for the rest of the comic :(

Anonymous said...

If this is all in first chapter, i am more than excited for the full series. i'm buying every single issue =]

BustArtist said...

Yep! This is only the first of SIX chapters! There is a good introduction of characters and storyline set-up, and then we get into the "meat" of things, with clues and plot line developing over the course of the entire series, right up to the very last panel.