Friday, February 8, 2019

Art for grOw/cinema, Episode XI begins!

It's been 2 weeks since the launch of grOw/cinema, Episode X, and it's time to begin the steady work in-progress preview march towards Episode XI. The working title for the next chapter will be "Planetoid Collisions", featuring BE, some lactation, miniGTS, and GTS, and sexual situations (FF, mFF). In the past couple of weeks, I've managed to write the initial script, sketch out all of the storyboards, completed the first 3 frames of the next issue, AND have also created a new BE-parody illustration (see below). This is pretty good considering how "real life" was trying its darnedest to get in the freaking way.

The next episode will be another shorter frame count like the last one (this one being between 53-57 frames), and thus, will come out sooner than the longer issues. I will be curious to see, after the next one comes out, if most people enjoy the quicker-produced and lower price point shorter issues, or the longer-produced and but higher frame count versions.

In other news, if you haven't seen it announced on Twitter, or at my DeviantArt gallery, here is my newest BE-parody featuring the women of the Harry Potter universe. This theme was the second most popular choice in my poll at my DeviantArt account when it was initially released (and has since become the most popular choice). For a higher resolution version (3600 x 2057), go download it from my DeviantArt gallery (< go to this link and click the "download" button).



Sabaton1791 said...

I love your Work, can't wait for the next issue!
What about some FMG in the upcoming issue?

Keep on drawing

Tiny Chris said...

Ah man, it's great to see some GTS in this next issue. That last issue that included it was among my favorite of all your work. I was thinking in the future we might get to see a professor in microbiology or chemistry be able to look at the main protagonist under a microscope in some shrinking man shenanigans. :)

Anonymous said...

Super exciting. Vera is in control now and I wonder what will happen now that she is standing in a flood of blueberry liquid. She did insist she get a KISS from the girl that grants absorption ability. Things are gonna get great and we love it. GO BA!