Thursday, November 29, 2018

grOw/cinema, Ep. IX completed! Release early next week!

I've finally finished the last frame of Episode IX, titled "Grab-tit-tational Blueshift". But I wasn't completely finished when I did. I realized that an extra frame was needed to really drive home one of the climactic scenes. So, I went back and created an EXTRA frame to fit that need. This episode will have 91 frames in total, instead of the 90 frames initially announced. On top of that, I had to go back and make numerous "art adjustments", such as: changing the color of certain body parts that I didn't care for the way I created them the first time; drawing in missing clothing (damn those discarded clothes... why can they just disappear like other discarded items in video games?); and a few other subtle adjustments. 

The "cover poster" is also done, which I am also showing a sneak preview of here (a rarity).

I am now in the process of creating all of the website graphics, the website HTML, programming the store, and all the other post-production tasks needed to launch an issue. My wife will be reviewing and proofreading it tomorrow and this weekend for missed errors. Once the issue is finalized after this, it will be "go time!"  I am hoping for a Monday, Dec. 3rd release (but maybe Tues., Dec 4th, should there be more work than anticipated).

This Episode will feature the following themes:
  • Breast Expansion (big, huge, Wow, WOW!) 
  • Ass Expansion (from huge to Huge!) 
  • Penis expansion (huge; Huge!) 
  • Nipple growth/expansion (big, huge, Huge!) 
  • Vagina expansion (from Huge to Wow) 
  • Clit expansion (big, huge, Huge!) 
  • Belly expansion (via cum-inflation, some) 
  • Blueberry expansion 
  • Lips expansion (huge, some) 
  • Lactation 
  • Cum-induced growths 
  • Tight and tearing clothing 
  • Personality alteration, Reality alteration 
  • Strong sexual situations (MF, MFF) 
Hang in there just a bit more!  This new Episode is fueled, set for launch, and nearly ready for lift off!


other290 said...

Can't wait to buy, thanks to JulieKat also! Hope RL works goes well also. Have everything you released since day 1!

foducool said...

lol makes me wonder if there'll be futa at some point

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the ass expansion! Is it someone new in addition to the redhead?

BustArtist said...

other290: Thanks for your continued, long-time support!

foducool: At this time, there are no plans for futa. A close proximity by means of a super-enlarge clitoris is a possibility.

anon: To be fair, the ass expansion is a bit more continuation of the redhead (Sarah), as well as a little more "interaction" with said expanded-ass.

Anonymous said...

I'll take it! I'd love to see her get bigger! :D

Anonymous said...

So close now! I'm getting near the "endlessly refresh page" stage. :D

Anonymous said...

Is it soon?

BustArtist said...

Almost there!

Anonymous said...

Is it gonna be today soon?

Anonymous said...

Smashing F5