Friday, October 5, 2018

grOw/cinema, Episode IX, well underway! 11 frames done!

Well, it's been just over 2 weeks since the last release of grOw/cinema, so I guess I should get back to work.  Wait a minute! I HAVE been back to work! In fact, I've written the script, sketched all 90 frames for the storyboard to plan the issue, created one new 3D background, built onto an existing background for the new issue, AND completed 11 frames!

Not only that, but I've also created one of my many "BE parody" illustrations. I call this one, "Ah-grow-ah Tano". If you've not seen it yet, either on Twitter or my DeviantArt page, here it is again, below. Enjoy!

Hopefully, this will make up for the long lag between issues 7 and 8 due to my move and reestablishing myself in my new home and state. The time between these issues was 126 days, the longest period between any grOw/cinema release. (The days between issues, from Episodes 1-8, were: 77, 59, 63, 98, 77, 70, and 90.)

Thank you for hanging in there, and thank you for your continued $upport! There is no way I could put so much time into each issue if people didn't support me. It's a full-time job!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see some more food related expansions before we leave the cantina, not to the scale of the previous episode though, more of a continous thing, since i think it affects every girl who swallows mike cum from now on, and it is based on their last meal

Annoyingus said...

I would reeeeeeally enjoy seeing some shrinking man. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your hard work....

Anonymous said...

Can you turn an 8-year old girl into the same age of what the other girls are

BustArtist said...

Anon 1: There WILL be more food-related cum-expansion in the next issue. As a continuous thing? Not sure at this point.

Annoyingus: I HAVE been thinking about that. It may happen in a future episode (not IX however).

Anon 2: Thank YOU for your $upport of my hard work! :-)

Anon 3: Underage people will NEVER be a part of my work, especially considering the genre and nature of my cOmic, stOries, cinema, and illustrations. Adults only!

Anonymous said...

Some FMG would also be nice.

Anonymous said...

Idk bout you but I do like the tight clothing part, maybe add more of that? Oh and good work!

Anonymous said...

The preview I'm excited for is the one that shows how big the redhead's butt has gotten. :D

Anonymous said...

I just imagine auroras vagina being bigger than her, her clit being the size of her head

Anon said...

Really, really enjoyed the belly expansion. Glad to see you finally incorporated it. I remember you hinting towards it in some of the older stories, but it never came to be. So glad to see it in this and I hope to see it in more of your work in the future. I do have one critique on the illustrations of the enlarged abdomen itself. I see alot of seems where the belly "connects" to the girl. This really should never be as the abdomen should extend. around the waist to the spine. Some of the frames look like a third breast almost. I really recommend looking up "Zdemian" He/She does the best work in that area of the fetish and is the most anatomically correct as such a thing can get. Either way thanks for doing this! Made a long time customer very happy :)

Anonymous said...

Possibly my favourite issue so far! I also love the belly expansion and the surprise incorporation of food into the reality-altering.

I personally don’t enjoy growth or shrinkage as much as others, or muscle expansion, but more MILFs would be great (maybe teachers and students together?), as would more family stuff like issues 3 and 4. Also, more public sex is always welcome, as would be more creampies/cumming inside like with Heather and Professor Boson. And more threesomes/foursomes/moresomes!

One error I did spot though was Rita’s pink shirt seemed to vanish and re-appear between a couple of panels while she was on the table!

Anonymous said...

I'm with anon re: the redhead.

Seeing her immobilized by the size of her butt was super hot.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely enjoying the expansions and the great artwork. I do have some questions about the storyline, though. Aside from a series of sex scenes, there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of plot, and it's hard to see where the story is actually going to and where it might end. Do you have a real story plan in mind that will put everything into one big arc? And how many issues do you envision in this series, before starting the next one?

Glad that the hurricane doesn't seem to have hit you too badly. Best Wishes!

BustArtist said...

Anon 4: I hope to include some FMG in a future episode. Not sure when just yet.

Anon 5: Tight clothing is always a plus! There will be more in the next Episode, including tearing.

Anon 6: You will get to see that butt in action in the Ep.IX… attempting to walk, and other… “stuff”. ;)

Anon 7: Aurora won’t grow quite that big in the next Episode… but she will be larger than when we left her.

”Anon”: Glad you enjoyed the belly expansion. It is my first true foray into the matter (not counting some “pudginess” that happens to Nayshya in Episode VII.

While I understand what you explain in your interpretation of belly expansion physics, what you describe is slightly different phenomenon that what I envisioned for this issue. As this expansion is directly related to their stomachs expanding to hold more of Carl’s cum (so that they can be affected to a greater degree), the expansion is very localized. It is also fast and quite… filling. The “seam” is just an “overflow” bubbling, quite similar to a large breast, as you mention, which was intentional. It is also a short-lived expansion, and not affecting the rest of the body. My artistic interpretation. But, going back to the Ep.VII expansion mentioned above, you will see that I do not do this affect there. In future, depending on the “nature” of the expansion, you may see the affect you describe.

I do know Zdemian’s work. I like their stuff, and actually have the page in watch at DA. But I don’t see the effect you are describing in any of his works.

That said, thanks for writing and your feedback/input. Always welcome.

Anon 8: Glad you enjoyed it so much! There are such a wide range of expansion themes, and specific “attributes” to each of those themes, that not everyone is going to be into all of them.

MILFs will becoming, as well as more teachers! Public displays? Yep! “Moresomes” … I like that word.

In terms of the pink shirt, all I can say is … “D’oh!”. I thought I caught all of them (I had to go back and add it in on a few frames where I forgot, just before the release. I missed that one. It’s amazing what you mind does not see (or makes you THINK you see) when working on something for so long.

Anon 9: Immobilized… a bit more focus on that coming up!

Anon 10: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! In terms of the storyline, you can read more on the origins of grOw/cinema in my Blog post here (

Also, here is my response to a similar question on DA:
“Maybe sometime in the future. I have been mulling over some ‘secondary storyline’ to add conflict. When first released, I had described grOw/cinema#1 to be the ‘succulent dessert’ as compared to grOw/cOmic ‘gourmet dinner’, if this makes sense. However, I have a definite conflict-driven storyline for the next grOw/cOmic (which I may do in the cinema style) which I really like. Once I have a number of issues of cinema#1 out, and take the time to write this new storyline, I will switch to that. (Mind you, that doesn't mean ‘The Ever-Expanding Universe”’ will end; it will simply be set aside to be continued at a later date.)”

TL;DR: cinema is an “on-going” expansion romp, which is the answer to the question will I ever continue the old pencil comics I did years ago. It has no definitive ending at this point, but I will occasionally stop to do other work (more story driven) and continue it later.

Yeah, in terms of hurricanes, we lucked out on both Florence and Michael. Being 150 miles from the coast helps a lot.