Monday, October 15, 2018

grOw/cinema, Ep. IX now 25% completed!

I was able to complete up to frame 22 of 90, and make significant progress on frame 23 by the end of last week. With that in mind, 22.5 is exactly 25% of 90. I was unable to post a preview on Friday, as the remnants of Hurricane Michael knocked out my internet for 4 days. It only recently came back up.

Enjoy the preview!


Anonymous said...

Just please tell me her butt isn't done growing. That's all I ask in regards to spoilery stuff. Promise. :D

Anonymous said...

I like that you're sticking with the girls for atleast a little more than one issue

Anonymous said...

This one is so good. Things are surely bound to spiral out of control even further now that he made the growth orgasmic. The girls are never going to want to stop.