Friday, June 8, 2018

Work on grOw/cinema, Episode VIII has begun!

Work on the next chapter in the "The Ever-Expanding Universe" saga has begun! After the release of "Meaty-four Shower", I had initially taken a break to rest my arm/wrist, as well as begin the full effort to get ready to move to our new home (and sell, pack, and leave our current house). 

As for the wrist/arm, yeah, I really overworked it getting the last chapter out... lots of ice, heat, ibuprofen, massage, and rest later, it's 90% back in action! ("Hoohaaa!" -- Johnny Bravo).

As for the move, as mentioned in previous posts, we are moving to a new state about 600 miles South. This will happen at the end June. Setting up in a new place, especially a new state, where you need new driver's licenses, bank accounts, and other things, takes time.  Because of this, I will be wrapping up my work probably at the end of next week (or maybe by the middle of the following week). I will be returning to the interwebs about 2-3 weeks later (mid-July).

As for Episode VIII, I have finished the initial script! I call it "initial" since, as usual, I continually mold and shape it as I sketch out the storyboards and the actual art itself. The story line gets to "age" as I work, and I retool it to make it better when I can. Sometimes, this change is small, sometimes it's major. For example, the story of this new episode (VIII) was supposed to be Episode VII! The storyline in the showers in Episode VII was originally just going to take up 3-4 panels. But it grew to have a life of its own, and bloomed into a full chapter.

I have also sketched out the first 20 storyboard frames of this new 90-frame Episode!  I am going to try to complete the storyboard, at least, before taking my "moving break" (see above). Who knows? Maybe I'll even get to begin the actually artwork!

Another thing I have been working on is a SizeCon Promo piece! Here is a preview of it below. It contains many SIZE-related themes, including BE, Ass/Hip Expansion, FMG, Blueberry, miniGTS, and even SW!  For now, I am releasing this preview. As SizeCon asked me to make a promo, I am not sure if they want this kept as a surprise until being fully revealed at SizeCon (as had happened in 2016).  If so, I will release the full image after SizeCon2018 (June 29-30).  If they OK it, I'll release it sooner!   :)

As for SizeCon, I AM hoping to be there this year, if only for one day (Saturday).  I will be returning to the NY area to settle and close out some business and personal items once my relocation has taken place. I will be piggy-backing this onto a trip to SizeCon! This is great timing, as I originally wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it!

So, hang in there and get ready for a new series of previews leading up to the latest installment of "The Ever-Expanding Universe"!


Anonymous said...

What is SW and FMG?

Also i'd love some belly expansion

other290 said...

Can't wait to see what's coming next- hope RL work and the move go well. All the best to your family in the coming month.

Anonymous said...

FMG (Female muscle growth) I think. SW I have no idea.

Annoyingus said...

SW is shrunken woman. In the next issue, I would hope to see some SM worked in if possible. I am finding this series so exciting.

BustArtist said...

Anon 1: SW = shrinking woman; FMG = Female Muscle Growth.
And, yes, you will be getting some belly expansion in Episode VIII !

other290: Thanks! Going to be a whirlwind of change. But the dust will soon settle and I will be back in action!

Annoyingus: no SM in next issue, but I am thinking about it for a future issue. :)