Thursday, May 17, 2018

grOw/cinema, Episode VII -- RELEASED!

"The Ever-Expanding Universe"

Episode VII:
Meaty-four Shower

GIANT 90-frame issue!

What is "grOw/cinema" ?
n exciting, episodic series drawn in the style of a big-screen movie. See the 2 page samples below to get a glimpse of this new style of comic.

Professor Boson was asleep, and Carl was famished. On the way to the cafeteria to grab a bite, he decides to clean himself up first — with the help of a few co-eds.

Breast Expansion
(big, huge, Wow) 

Ass Expansion (big, huge)
Penis expansion (big, huge, Huge!)
Lips expansion (puffy, big, huge)
Extreme hourglass
Cum-induced growth; Water-induced growth
(some; teacher-student sexual encounter)
Weight gain
(some; pudgy stomach)
Climbing over GTS (some, 5 pages) (over 24' up to 36' — over 7m, up to 11m)
Lactation (some)
Personality alteration, Reality alteration
Strong sexual situations (MF, mF, MFF, MFFFF, FF)
growth: mind powers

grOw/cinema, Episode VII features:
  • Extra-long 90 full-color frames along with cover poster.
  • Part 7 of the new on-going series.
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Anonymous said...

Amazing! I love the butt expansion in this issue! I will always be glad to see it show up! The bigger the better!

Another excellent issue, BA!

All-starplaya01 said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing love your work!!!

Anonymous said...

quite a few typos here and there: argument (29), divine (48), peek (64/65). Love the artwork as usual, great stuff. The lips are not doing it for me, makes them look ridiculous but hey that's me.

BustArtist said...

Anon1: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Anon2: Thanks!

Anon3: Arrgh! It's amazing how often you can read something and still miss certain things. Your eye gets fooled into seeing what your brain TELLS it to see. That's way too many typos for my standards. I just fixed them all, and reuploaded the file. Send me an email if you want an updated copy.
Glad you liked the artwork! :)
In the expansion community, there are many features that people enjoy, and not everyone does it for everyone. And some may enjoy the expansion of a certain part, but not to the same degree as others. It's a tough equation to balance out. To that extent, I usually try not to apply them to such extreme measures on every character.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I always enjoy when you take things in new and interesting directions.

Though I'm not sure if It's just my copy or not but page 48 is duplicated on page 64 for some reason.

BustArtist said...

Anon4: DOH! Yes, a error occurred when I was updating the file. Send me an email with your order number. I will send you the updated file with the correct page 48 (back cover will show this is file version 1.2).
Glad you enjoyed the new directions! :-) Thanks for your $upport!

Anonymous said...

Love the new issue, glad you went back to more breast and butt and less vagina and height this time

One thing that i've seen very little in your work is belly expansion, i just think it makes "sense" that the womens bellies get a little "filled" with all the cum they are ingesting

Just a suggestion, i know you have some stuff that is off limits, not sure if belly expansion is one of them, if that is the case i am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Was the issue taken down? Tried to buy after work but the buy link is down.

Anonymous said...

Please update on when the issue will be up for purchase :(

BustArtist said...

Yes, there was a file corruption issue that has now been FIXED!

The issue is now available again for purchase. If you do not see the "BUY NOW" button on the page, press REFRESH in your browser.

Sorry for the delay!

BustArtist said...

Anon5: Everyone's has their preferences! ;) And not every "theme" is for every one. With the exception of BE (of course), I will vary the expansion themes in each issue, and, even apply them to only some of the women. In terms of "cum induced belly expansion", this IS something I've been mulling over. Maybe next issue...??

Anonymous said...

This is anon5 again, not that i have any way to prove it

I just wanted to say that the small scenes you put in are amazing, like when Mike is walking from the auditorium into the dorm, really sets up the universe, where a lot of the grOw 1-6 were very localized, grOw 6 taking place in just a small barn.

The best use of this that i have seen is in cinema 5 where all the girls tits get a little bigger. You get to see how the various women would look like with a "small" adjustment, without having to introduce them and "waste" lots of frames getting to know them.

One more thing, i love the inclusion of lip expansion, has nipple expansion, or nipple elongation even been on your mind?, or hip widening perhaps?

other290 said...

Loved the new issue, can't wait to see what's next as usual. Will have to read it at different zoom to enjoy the details. Great story as usual, glad to see different directions. Hope your move goes well too.

jaws00789 said...

WOW! You're incredibly creative!! I love this issue and the additional characters. Just wow :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not finished, but so far, it's really really good.

Anonymous said...

OMG love it!! Cant wait for the next issue to see where it goes! Great job again! Love the lip expansion..

bluud0 said...

Finally finished reading and I Love it. But Carl chose the wrong girl (well in that moment I would probably also have chosen her), I would rather choose Nashya, make my penis smaller for her to be able to ride and watch the ass/hips jiggle up and down.

I didn't even noticed the belly expansion when I was reading it for the first time. I actually needed to look for it, probably because I like pregnant womens and I'm used to seeing much bigger bellies (but that's my fetish, no need to bother other people with it).

Thank you, it is totally worth the money.