Friday, August 4, 2017

grOw/cinema progress and SizeCon

Well, last week was SizeCon 2017 and it was a lot of fun!  Spent the 2 days speaking to fans, new visitors, and other producers of content. Also attended a few panels and was a panelist for a few of them as well (Inflation & Expansion Panel as well as the Relationships Panel along with my wife, Juleikat).  

The week leading up to SizeCon was busy preparing for the event, as well as working on some "real life" work. A few panels of the next grOw/cinema were also completed.

This week, while continuing to work on grOw/cinema, Episode IV, I was also inundated with more "real life" work. This slowed work on the latest Episode, unfortunately. However, I did my best to continue on, and completed frame 13 today (out of about 80 or so).

A number of "real life" projects may continue to slow grOw/cinema progress over the next few weeks, as they are a bit large. So, unfortunately, time between releases will not be as quick as the last few. However, work WILL continue!

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other290 said...

Hope everyone enjoyed SizeCon, Both artwork looks great. Very cool that you and JulieKat both got to enjoy it. - glad that RL work is going well too. Can't wait to see the next one, always a fan.