Thursday, May 2, 2013

grOw/cOmic#5, issue 5 production underway!

Work on the final installment of the grOw/cOmic#5 series, "grOwing Appreciation" is in full swing, and has been for a few weeks. As with the previous issue, there is a lot of pre-planning that needs to go on before the full ink-and-paint stage starts producing the full-color previews that I usually show here.

So far, I have been working on building additional backgrounds for the issue in Shade 3D.  Like issue 4, this newest installment, titled "An Up and Cumming Star", requires new backgrounds to be created, especially now that the story has left the confines of the theater's interior.  For those of you following the series, you also know that some of the existing settings have ungone an radical change (re: destruction) — a change that is beginning to affect the surrounding structures of the setting.  A lot more "building" (or "unbuilding") of these new scenes needs to take place before the drawing, so that the characters will fit properly into their backgrounds.

I have to admit, I also had to write about 6 pages for the issue, which were temporarily marked with the single word "action" and nothing more. However, in filling out the script into its entirety, it became apparent that the standard 18 pages would not do the needed climax justice. After a few variations, I finalized the issue at 22 pages — 4 more than normal ! 

The pencil drawing of issue has begun, with 7 pages completed.  There will be a slight lull in progress in this regard, as I… ahem, oops… ran out of paper! The large size pads I need are not available in the local arts and crafts store, so they are on mail order, to arrive in about 5-7 days.  In the meanwhile, I will continue the rendering of the backgrounds that have been constructed in Shade. If the pads take too long, I may very well begin the ink-and-paint of the current 7 pages.

The road to the release of the explosive climax has begun!

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